Best 8 Cameras To Stream YouTube Live  

Every YouTuber’s setup revolves around their camera. Your choice of a camera may easily elevate your material by consistently recording your footage in HD quality. Choosing a live streaming camera for YouTube may seem simple enough, but whether you’re a novice or a seasoned content creator, it’s simple to become confused by all the terminology and details. 

In this article, we show you how to choose from the top cameras currently available including PTZ cameras for live streaming.

Best 8 Camera for Live Streaming YouTube 

Camera for Live Streaming Events in Youtube

1. Telycam TLC-300-IP-20-FNDI

Telycam NDI PTZ camera
Source: Telycam

Telycam’s unique NDI Silicon chip, with the most recent NDI 5, is coupled with the TLC-300-IP-20-FNDI to produce an impressively high-quality image at low bandwidth. Power, video, control, and Tally are all available over one wire. Supported features include 1080p60, 20x optical zoom, NDI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB2.0 output, SRT, and RTMP/RTMPS. It is one of the best cameras for live streaming youtube. If you need to wholesale PTZ camera, could consider this one.


  • 1080p60 FHD video resolution
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • NDI , HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB2.0 video interface
  • Line in audio interface
  • NDI 5 Integrated
  • SRT supported
  • Power over Ethernet

2. Sony ZV-1

Sony Zv1
Source: Amazon

One of your finest options for YouTube vlogging in selfie mode is the Sony ZV-1. In order to know when the camera is taking pictures without having to look at the screen, there is a light in the front that illuminates while it is recording. A variety of control grips are also compatible with the camera. 

It offers automated filters and 4K recording capabilities to speed up your creative process. The best part is that it features a Product Showcase Setting that, as soon as you hold a product up in front of the camera, instantly changes the focus from your face to that item. This makes it ideal for close-up product reviews because there won’t be any more focus errors.


  • ideal for YouTube selfie vlogging
  • Excellent focus and filter options for simplified recording
  • For simpler solo filming, it is compatible with shooting grips.

3. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Canon PowerShot
Source: Amazon

The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III is among the best cameras for YouTube live streaming because it can connect straight to the platform. The first setup is a little complicated, but the subsequent setup for live streaming is really simple. It also has vertical video recording capabilities and records in high-quality resolution, which is perfect for YouTube videos for vlogging that require a vertical layout.


  • Simple YouTube live streaming setup
  • May connect to your phone using the app for Canon cameras
  • Support for vertical recording

4. Insta360 One X2 

Source: Amazon

Another waterproof camera for adventure YouTube vloggers is the Insta360 One X2. It has a 360-degree camera and supports voice control. This implies that it captures more than just what is in front of it. This camera can simultaneously record everything in a 360-degree field of view around it. Insta360’s invisible selfie stick may also be used to attach the camera for drone-like pictures without actually utilizing a drone. This is a fantastic pocket camcorder for making youtube videos, particularly for traveling YouTube vloggers who are active. 

Best Camera for Personal Desktop Live in Youtube

1. Telycam TLC-800-U2-4K

Telycam webcam for live streaming
Source: Telycam

The TLC-800-U2-4K is an All-in-One device that combines a high-end camera, microphone, and speakers to provide a face-to-face video conferencing and live-streaming youtube live experience. The 120-degree wide-angle china live camera records every conference room member in high definition, and the unique audio algorithm ensures that every person can be heard. As one of the best webcam for live streaming on Youtube video, the flexible and simple installation streamlines conference room deployment and is genuinely plug-and-play. 


  • 4K Ultra high-definition image
  • 120-degree FOV, 4x digital zoom
  • Can fit to monitor or tripod
  • Auto Framing
  • Built-in beamforming microphone and speaker
  • Flexible installation way

2. Logitech C922

Logitech C922
Source: Amazon

Logitech C922 is a standout option for anyone interested in live streaming Youtube for the first time or looking to replace their current webcam. It conveniently attaches to the top of your TV or computer display, or if you want to get more creative with your angles and framing, you can attach it to a tripod. The camera’s 78-degree wide-angle lens gives a three-month free trial of the Xsplit streaming software.

The camera can record and transmit live video in 1080p Full HD at 30 frames per second, and it also has a “hyperfast” mode for 720p streaming at 60 frames per second. You don’t really need to use two separate mics because the camera has dual microphones that provide stereo audio, and it also comes with an 18.5cm-tall tripod.


  • Can fit to monitor or tripod
  • Optional background removal
  • Full-HD streaming
  • Stereo microphones

3. Elgato Farecam

Elgato Farecam
Source: Amazon

The Elgato Facecam, a relative newcomer camera for streaming youtube videos, emphasizes readily available, top-notch footage. It records video with a frame rate of 60p and a resolution of 1080p, which is suitable for streaming. It creates a bright, some could even say overexposed, default image.

The camera is quite basic in other ways. The focus is fixed. According to Elagto, anyone prepared to spend over $200 on a camera for streaming Youtube live is probably not going to use the subpar onboard microphone and either already has one or is going to get one.


  • Uncompressed 1080p video
  • Good settings control
  • High Resolution

4. Microsoft Lifecam HD3000

Microsoft Lifecam
Source: Microsoft

The HD-3000 from Microsoft is an inexpensive webcam for live streaming on Youtube that shows you can start streaming without having to spend a lot of money. This webcam can only record in 720p HD at 30 frames per second, but it is still an excellent definition and will look great on a smartphone or other mobile device. The camera boasts an integrated microphone, automated face tracking, low-light correction, and the ability to mount to any type of computer monitor.

The 720p resolution, while acceptable when live streaming Youtube normally, doesn’t provide enough pixels for photos to remain sharp when zoomed in, so we advise against utilizing the digital zoom function. The image may be kept precisely the way you want it with the manual focus option, which we prefer because autofocus tends to adapt wrongly in various lighting situations and throw you out of focus.


  • Pan, tilt & zoom facility
  • Simple smartphone software
  • Compact and easy to carry

What Factors Need To Consider When Choose Camera For YouTube Live

Telycam Camera for YouTube live streaming
Source: Telycam

First of all, no one camera will satisfy the needs of all content producers.

Different YouTubers have different camera demands for making youtube videos. Having said that, the following are some crucial elements that every YouTuber should take into account while choosing their camera:


Possibly the most important factor is your budget. The range and type of camera for live streaming youtube you can purchase will depend on how much money you have to spend. Look for used or second-hand items if you’re still looking for a high-end camera. At your price range, you might just find the camera you’ve been looking for. But in Telycam, you don’t need to worry about the price.

Video Quality & Resolution

Video quality is essential when making YouTube videos and live streaming Youtube for obvious reasons. Your visitors will demand nothing less than the best quality from your movies these days. Being able to record in excellent HD quality is therefore something you should be able to focus on.

Choose a camera that can capture video in at least 1080p or Full HD as much as you can. You should look for a camera with 4k resolution if you have the money. Telycam can supply you with the best HD PTZ camera.


If you’re live streaming youtube while moving, stabilization is important to take into account. If you film in a studio environment, this is probably less of an issue.

IBIS, or in-body image stabilization, is a feature found in some more recent cameras. This ensures shake-free recordings while stabilizing your movies. But don’t panic, you can always use a tripod if the webcam you have your eye on doesn’t have outstanding stabilization.

Frame Rate

The number of still images that are taken per unit of time is referred to as frame rate, often known as frame per second (FPS) (generally seconds). The quality of the video increases with the frame rate. Anything above 30fps is what you should be searching for in 4K footage. If you want to find the best camera for live streaming to Youtube, need to consider this factor.

Sensor Size

The image and video quality that a camera records is determined by its sensor. In general, cameras with larger sensors produce sharper images and can record video even in dim lighting. Active-Pixel Sensor (CMOS) and Charge-Coupled Device are the two categories of sensors (CCD). CCD sensors are typically found in higher-end professional cameras, whereas CMOS sensors are more widely available and targeted at consumers.

The phrases APS-C sensor, full-frame sensor, and micro four-thirds are also often used. The standard sensor size for 35 mm cameras is full-frame, while an APS-C sensor measures roughly 0.98 x 0.65″ (although this varies between brands). Micro Four Thirds sensors measure 0.68 x 0.5 “, and are even more compact than APS-C sensors.


Lenses are often a standalone investment, separate from your initial camera purchase. If you’re on more of a budget, it may suit you to settle (at first) with the kit lens that comes with your camera. 

If you’ve got a bit more to spend, or are looking to make a long-term investment, then when you weigh up between cameras, the available lenses should also factor into your decision. But the lens of Telycam live streaming camera can reach 1080P and 4K, satisfying your youtube video need.

Microphone and Audio

For the purpose of creating a YouTube video with great production value, audio quality is equally essential. Check the microphone inputs on your ideal camera to see if you can attach an extra microphone if the built-in microphone isn’t up to par. Without having to give up on your camera, this is a tried-and-true method to raise the audio quality.

Portability and Usability

If you plan to primarily record vlogs on Youtube, you’ll need a compact PTZ camera that is both highly portable and small. The same is true if you routinely film in various locations. Because of this, a lot of YouTubers choose mirrorless cameras, which have a tonne of professional functionality without the bulk.

Battery and Autofocus

If you’re recording for YouTube on location or while not at home, battery life should be a top priority. If you frequently shoot in a studio setting, this won’t matter. For YouTubers, autofocus should be a top priority, especially if you’re self-shooting. You can always catch what you mean to in the best quality possible with a good autofocus feature.

Where To Find the Best Camera For Recording YouTube

Telycam Logo
Telycam Logo

You can find the best camera for recording Youtube videos at Telycam. The company concentrates on creating and offering UHD and FHD PTZ cameras for live streaming and video conferencing. Telycam takes great pride in consistently enhancing the 

R&D capabilities to look into the newest camera processing techniques, camera algorithms, and camera applications to ensure that consumers always have access to the highest caliber and most user-friendly cameras.


Your needs and personal preferences will influence the camera you choose for live streaming Youtube. You’ll be sure to choose the best YouTube camera for your needs if you keep the things listed in this post in mind while you browse the selection.

We have covered the best cameras to stream Youtube live so you to choose the right one for you according to your requirements. 

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