Huddle Room—The Way to Go

Huddle Room defined as open space containing 6 or less attendees, around 20sqm. It is the trend of molden working place, more and more enterprises specially the science&technology, IT, financial companies are the big fan of it, thanks to it helps increating high efficient communication&collaboration, increasing productiviting and saving cost.

According to the report by Wainhouse Research on Oct.2015, there are 30-50 million huddle rooms worldwide. Obviously, new commerical opportunity in unified communication is growing up. Even this industry leader Polycam and Microsoftware shift the tranditional boardroom AV solution to the huddle room system, as you see, Polycam’s Realpresence Centro, Microsoftware’s Skype4business is the milestone of huddle room video collaboration system.
But where the way Huddle conferencing room goes? Exactly, it would be simple setting, friendly-use, affordable. A set of display, video capture, endpoint or PC could figure it out. Therefore,  software video coonferencing comes on stage. Based that, a meeting could be attended by a parts who are in the physical huddle space, and other parts access to it virtually by smartphone or laptop.

Enabling the communcatin and cooperation anywhere at anytime for anyone is the spirit of huddle meeting room. Attendees can see, hear, share content with each other. But we know technology is always evolving, even though the current solution and equipments fulfill the huddle room plan, but better solution will be acted as an alternative. It makes the collaboration easier, smarter and cheaper.

Anyhow, what will the users’ selection in hardware part such as audio and video? In near future, we’ll talk more about it.