New Firmware Update – Version 451


New Firmware Update - Version 451

For Vision+ 4KN, Vision+ N3, and Vision+ SE

ModelISP versionARM version
Vision+ 4KN 30XV451V2.2D
Vision+ 4KN 12XV451V2.2A
Vision+ N3 30XV451V2.2D
Vision+ N3 20XV451V2.2C
Vision+ SEV451V2.2A

New Features:

1. Zoom ratio lock under Auto-Tracking

2. Preview button for tracking limits

3. Multi-target sending functionality (FreeD)

4. Volume option changed to a scroll bar

5. Scheduled restart option

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvement

1. WebUI PT control optimized

2. FreeD optimized

3. SRT timestamp optimized

4. Focusing optimized

5. Tracking speed and high-magnification tracking optimized

6. Pan tilt drive issue optimized

7. 4K59.94 Display issue optimized

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