The First Official Firmware for Explore SE

2024 6月 900软件升级公告

The First Official Firmware for Explore SE

Model ISP version ARM version FPGA version
Explore SE V451 V2.1D V0013

We are pleased to announce the release of the first official firmware for the Explore SE.

For those currently using a beta version, we highly recommend upgrading to this latest release to take full advantage of the improvements.

Upgrade Via Web UI

You can upgrade the firmware via the web UI. Before proceeding with the upgrade, please ensure to read the Firmware Upgrade Guide thoroughly to understand all requirements and steps.

Check Upgrade Conditions

Please confirm that your Explore SE meets all the conditions outlined in the Firmware Upgrade Guide before proceeding with the firmware update. It is crucial to verify these conditions to prevent the upgrade process from failing.

Important Firmware Upgrade Notice for FPGA Part

To successfully upgrade the FPGA part via web, the following two conditions should be met, if not, pleasemodify the following figure:

1. System Mode Setting must be FULL NDI Priority.

system mode

2. Enable FULL NDI.

full ndi

Experience the best of Explore SE with this latest update. For assistance or more information, please email us at

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