Not Just A WebCam

At the beginning of Q1, 2017, Telycam launched a new type of USB video conferencing camera TLC-200-U3S, it is Fixed USB3.0 HD video camera.

TLC-200-U3S is not just a webcam, due to it can be applied for both personal desktop video call and huddle room video coferencing application. From the following specification, you’ll see the distinction.

1, Image Quality

Whatever the camera is used for simple video chat or group video collaboration, users concern about the image quality, which depends on the hardward: image signal processor, image sensor, and lens, and the core technology to develop and integrate the hardware to present image in perfect way.

TLC-200-U3S is adopted advanced industrial level ISP and latest Sony high speed&low noise 1/2.8” 2MP sensor, and 4K lens. Why use such high end material? Firstly, to guarantee the truly full HD 1080p output, as some webcam is declared to capture 1080p in spec but actually offer 720p or lower resolution. Secondly, the camera is positioning to used for huddle room meeting, 4x digital zoom is available. As we know, digital zoom reduces the pixels and result in poor image quality. But we adopt 4K lens, even at 4x digital zoom, the camera shoots in 1080p/30 and sustain fraction reduction in resolution.

2, View angle:

For both application, two kinds of lens with different FOV is optional, one with 70 degree view angle, and the other with 108 degree view angle. To help you select the suitable one comfort to the deployment of space in performance and cost, here are some scenes for reference:

3, Applicability

The applicability includes two parts.

Firstly, applicable for users’ demand, 4K is the market tendency, and it is also a good selling point. However, the 4K application is not widespread because of limitation of bandwidth transmission, the code/decode ability of terminal or software. 1080p is enough for current condition, actually, even 720p is universally used.

Second, applicable for users’ budget for huddle room and desktop meeting. Conventional webcam is not good enough for video conferencing in performance and image quality, PTZ camera seems redundant (not including the nouveau riche).

High end Fixed video camera ideally settle the awkward situation. That’s how Telycam’s TLC-200-U2S released to the market.

It is fixed full HD 1080p/30 video camera, with 4x digital zoom, with one USB3.0 tail for power, video and control, with attached bracket for flexible mount way: on the top the monitor, under the monitor, on the desktop and on tripod. With wide dynamic range, black light compensation, 3D noise reduction, and anti-ficker function to appear you unparalled image at low light and high sunshine condition.