Network Joystick Control Keyboard

TLC-35TC network keyboard support standard ONVIF protocol, good compatibility, perfect control of the Telycam IP video camera and other network cameras.

Key Features

Product Introduction

Support network protocol, enjoy separate IP address.

Support Onvif protocol, achieve to control the front-end PTZ cameras.

Support adding IP devices when keyboard offline, also support auto searching IP devices.

Max can control 253pc IP devices in the same network segment.

Support operating IP PTZ many functions, such as focus, zoom, iris, preset, patrol and so on.

Support IE browser on adding configuration of front-end device parameters..

Import photoelectric joystick.  160x32 blue dot LCD display.

Tech Specs

Model TLC-35TC
Power supply DC12V-2A/inside +outside –/td>
RS485 3.81 terminal. TA, TB
RS232 DB9 mail head
Ethernet 1x Ethernet interface, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Support protocol Onvif2.4
Browser IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other popular ones
Working temperature 0℃~55℃ / 14°F~131°F
Working humidity 20%~80% frostless
Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃ / 14°F~140°F
Storage humidity 0~90% frostless
Certification CE, RoHs, FCC
Warranty One year