4K All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera

    Telycam TLC-800-U2-4K is a professional 4K HD video conferencing ePTZ camera wih soundbar, it is integrated sharp video and crystal-clear audio, to enable real all-in-one and plug-and-play video conferencing, bring users truely simple and friendly experience. Especially designed for small space and huddle room

    Key Features

    Video Part

    • Adopted advanced high definition DSP, 1/2.5” 8.5MP CMOS sensor and high quality fixed 4K lens with 120 degree FOV, to provide sharp and crystal clear image.
    • 4x electronic zoom adjustable.
    • An ultra-wide, big depth of field fixed lens is used.
    • Max resolution 2160p30 (MJPG/H.264/H.265) is supported.
    • Support Auto frame: Auto-frame participants at meeting start or enter, leave, or change positions; Auto-frame can be closed via a remote controller.
    • Matched with RF remote control to set video and audio.
    • Support Chinese and English OSD menu.

    Audio Part

    • Uses Microphone Array Algorithms
    • 16K pickup and 24K playback, to make voice crystal clear, sounding like a face-to-face meeting.
    • 360° Omni-directional
    • Pickup range is up to 5 meters
    • Full duplex communication
    • 384ms acoustic echo cancellation
    • Background noise suppression
    • Auto-level loud and soft voices
    • The peak-limiting algorithm eliminates even momentary speaker clipping to prevent distortion

    I/O Interface

  • Supports various video resolution for different applications.
  • Type C video interfaces.
  • Support standard UVC1.0~1.5 protocol, working with any of your favorite video conferencing software. API is supported.
  • Tech Specs