4K UHD All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera

    Telycam TLC-800-U3-5-4K is a professional 4K UHD video conferencing ePTZ camera wih soundbar, it is integrated sharp video and crystal-clear audio, to enable real all-in-one and plug-and-play video conferencing, bring users truely simple and friendly experience. Especially designed for small space and huddle room

    Key Features

    Video Part

    • Adopted advanced high definition DSP, 1/2.5” 8.5MP CMOS sensor and high quality fixed 4K lens with 120 degree FOV, to provide sharp and crystal clear image.
    • 4x electronic zoom adjustable.
    • An ultra-wide, big depth of field fixed lens is used.
    • Max resolution 2160p60 (MJPG/H.264/H.265) is supported.
    • Support Auto frame: Auto-frame participants at meeting start or enter, leave, or change positions; Auto-frame can be closed via a remote controller.
    • Matched with RF remote control to set video and audio.
    • Support Chinese and English OSD menu.

    Audio Part

    • Uses Microphone Array Algorithms
    • 16K pickup and 24K playback, to make voice crystal clear, sounding like a face-to-face meeting.
    • 360° Omni-directional
    • Pickup range is up to 5 meters
    • Full duplex communication
    • 384ms acoustic echo cancellation
    • Background noise suppression
    • Auto-level loud and soft voices
    • The peak-limiting algorithm eliminates even momentary speaker clipping to prevent distortion

    I/O Interface

  • USB3.0 port compatible with USB2.0 output, and USB2.0 supports ultra-low video resolution for different applications.
  • With multiple video interfaces: USB3.0/USB2.0, IP, and HDMI.
  • Support HTML5 WEB protocol, enable streaming in the main modern browser: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.
  • Support standard Sony VISCA over IP, to control the camera via IP remotely.
  • Support NewTek NDI V4.0 video transmission protocol, video transmission latency is very low, the video effect is more smooth than ordinary video stream, the maximum support for 20480K data stream, video details almost no loss.
  • Support standard UVC1.0~1.5 protocol, working with any of your favorite video conferencing software. API is supported.
  • Tech Specs