Quality Control Originally from R&D Design

Quality control is one of the topics which customers usually concern about, generally, the answers from most vendors is how they control the quality from raw material inpsection or what their QC system&procedure is. Absolutely, these factors are pretty important, but for electronical products specially enterprise class communication equipments, quality should be controlled originally from R&D design.

Take our HD video camera for instance, the R&D design includes Industrial Design, Mechanism design, Hardware layout and software program. All steps should be coherent, seasoned ID&MD engineer team gives blueprint to make all structure compact, reasonable and smart, of course the R&D team restricts materials to meet the design requirement. That’s the source of quality control. For example, some users care about the movement of PTZ camera: smooth, noiseless, and durable. If the mechanism design is not good enough and matched motor to the MD is not proper, it definitely can not either bring users good experience or good price.

Good ID does not only brings users lovely appearance, high performance, but also relatively competitive price, and long operation life span.

That’s why Telycam concerns and spends so much in R&D, comparing with other suppliers who expand company scale blindfoldly, we pay more attention to R&D investment according to the market development. Still back to the PTZ movement, you could see and hear the performance in the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaBebPOYkfQ

And about life span, with fagtigue testing, it can run 30,000 cycles with defined presets.