Quality Control


Product Design

A good video collaboration camera is a perfect combination of ID, mechanism design, hardware layout and software application.

At Telycam, to make a good camera, we start our quality control from product design and development stage, only professional and reasonable design and deployment can make sure user-friendly operation, stable working and long life span, can decide raw-material purchasing.


Prototype Testing

Every time a new camera is designed, our engineer team will run tests on 100 prototypes to make sure the camera performs as designed. The tests include:

Environmental adaptability test

• The prototypes will be kept in a temperature/humidity chamber to test whether they can withstand extreme temperature or humidity.

Destructive Testing

• Drop test
• Salt spray test
• ESD test
• RoHS China (ROSH2) Certified
• EMI Certified

Life span test

• Contant temperature aging tesing (28daysx24H)
• Power ON/OFF Test 5,000 times
• Remote control button test

Performance test

• Resolution: IP/SDI/HDMI Port/ USB 3.0/ USB 2.0
• Control instruction: RS232, RS485

reliability test

• Hardness test
• Adhesion Test
• RCA Abrasion Wear Test
• Alcohol tolerance test,
• Vertical Vibration Test (0.25G/10MM/2~100Hz/60min)


Production Quality Control

Only when the 100 prototypes 100% go through all testings in phase 2 will the crew make production plans and craft instruction documents for the production team, followed by IQC, IPQC, OQC and FQC procedures.

Industry Certifications Reports

CE report 2017

FCC 2017

FCC report 2017

RoHs China 2