R&D Capability—-TELYCAM Invests In Value Rather Than Vanity

With the development of internet and advent of big data era, you could source abundant information randomly, even though users are dazed by various advertisement, vendors still spend large cost to attract customers.

Is it true that advertisement brings you good experience?

Most vendors believe advertisement creats “brand”, but Telycam insists in investing in value rather than vanity.
In my last blog, I mentioned the core parts of HD video camera is DSP, sensor, lens; Actually, the most important is the ability to integrate and develop the DSP, the sensor, the lens to make unparalled image. That’s the R&D capability.

Yes, Telycam does well in investing in R&D team, 2/3 workforce is the R&D engineers and 1/5 annual income is invested in R&D device, new product developing and talents reserve and encouragment. On the other hand, R&D team is Telycam’s strong background. That’s why we are able to develop Ambarella SDK, that’s why we could realize truly chip leve integration and research, totally capable to adjust the AE (auto explosure), AF (auto focus), AW (auto white-balance) to output unrivaled video for different application,  what’s how we could match sensor and lens perfectly, that’s why we are confident with our ID (industrial design) and MD (mechnism design), that’s why we understand fully of HD video camera application.

That’s totally why we CAN ODM.

Yes, Telycam is a new brand, as Chinese saying: the more wit, the less courage. What’s more, We have seasoned and professional R&D group with heritage DNA of image processing, video electronics and optical technology. That’s Telycam’s culture, good products is relied to high quality R&D, sustainable development depends on investing in value far more than vanity.

In future, we’d like to share you more details in HD video camera details and Telycam’s characteristic, we’d like to offer you more in quality rather than advertisment. Welcome your good propose!