What makes our HD video camera different

With development of unified communication, HD video camera plays crucial role of video collaboration, users pay more attention but still have a headache how to select the proper camera from various vendors who offer even similar product. Actually, the performance barely easily to tell from the offered specification, but from “the heart and eyes” . So what is the heart, it is DSP, and what is eyes, it is sensor and matched lens.

That’s what I’d like to talk about today, and also what makes Telycam’s  HD Video Cameras different.

Take our top-rated item TLC-300-U3 for instance. From the basic spec, you only find the feature is 12x optical zoom& 2x digital zoom, dual USB3.0&DVI output, full HD video frame 1080p/60, and 72.5 degree FOV. I bet you’ll could also get this kind feature products from other vendors.  Anyhow, if you test sample, you’ll find the performance is totally impressive to other brands. Why? Thanks to the different “heart” and “eyes”.

Yes, it is used Ambarella A9 DSP, it is 32nm Ultra HD 4K Camera Soc; it is used Sony IMX117 sensor, it is 12MP CMOS image sensor; it is used tailed 12x lens.

You may ask “Why need a 12MP sensor and 4K chip if the output is only Full HD (1920×1080 = 2MP)?Answer is: one of the reason should be we planned it to be 4K HD camera in next generation.The other is that adopting 12MP sensor, multiple pixel combined to one by DSP process, therefore, the picture is more exquisite, higher definition, specially zoom out, it is much more high definition than 2MP sensor, with full details. Someone may doubt it will cause noise, actually, with our cutting-edge technology,  it won’t reduce the S/N ratio and even no noise, specially when open the 3D noise reduce function.

Professor as you need the truly high quality HD camera, ask for the whole image is crystal clear, the color is realistic,the degree of filed is clear, all details is fully high definition, and the focus is fast&accurate, please reach us at www.telycam.com