What you need to know about Full NDI® PTZ Cameras

What is NDI®?

NDI® stands for Network Device Interface. It’s the most widely-used video over IP technology. The first generation of NDI® was introduced by NewTek in 2015, it is an open source standard for connecting video devices over internet.

What’s FULL NDI® and NDI®|HX?

NDI®|HX is an efficient way of video transmission with limited bandwidth. Full NDI®, also name high bandwidth NDI®, transmits the video through FPGA technology, while NDI®|HX compress the video through H.264 encoding. NDI®|HX has more delay or latency than full NDI® but requires less bandwidth. The latest NDI®|HX3 was released by NewTek in March 2022 and it’s a big step in NDI-based workflow to balance the latency and bandwidth issues.

Picture Taken All using Telyam NDI PTZ Cameras
Picture Taken All using Telyam NDI PTZ Cameras

Comparison of Full NDI® and NDI®|HX.

Many users are concerning about the bandwidth and latency parameters. We can see from the chart that Full NDI®, or High Bandwidth NDI® requires about 250 Mbps per FHD device for video transmission, because it’s less compressed and delivers better color space. NDI®|HX2 requires only 12 Mbps per device which is about only 5% of the bandwidth used by Full NDI®. The upgraded NDI®|HX3 occupies a friction of the bandwidth compared to Full NDI®, while presents equally video quality just like the non-compressed Full NDI®.

Should I choose a Full NDI® or NDI®|HX PTZ cameras?

One of the concerns of FULL NDI® is the high-is the high-demanding Gigabit bandwidth that might be a problem for existing infrastructure. Under many circumstances, it is a luxury to replace the current internet environment to cope with Full NDI® devices. To make it more accessible in many cases, NDI®|HX is another option for many broadcasters and live streamers, especially for churches, distance learning, business live stream, and other cases. Considering the bandwidth requirements of Full NDI®, it is more ideal for archiving, editing, and live production scenarios. As reported by NewTek, you can use Full NDI® and NDI®|HX running on the same network without any problems.

NDI Workflow

Super Low Latency for Full NDI®

Full NDI® can transmit high-quality video at minimum latency, nearly zero latency. While latency and bandwidth are like tradeoff partners, low latency on the other hand means higher bandwidth to get the signal across, as you could imagine. Full NDI® solves the latency problem for professional broadcast studios when they transfer from point-to-point HDMI or SDI cabling, and also simplifies the whole layout by using a single ethernet cable to provide video, audio, tally, and control. This explains why the demand for NDI®-based workflow has increased and is gradually taking the dominant place over the past couple of years.

Latency Test of Telycam Full NDI PTZ Camera
Latency Test of Telycam Full NDI PTZ Camera

Telycam Full NDI® PTZ camera

Telycam has a full range of NDI® PTZ cameras, with optical zoom ranging from 12x, 20x, to 30x and 35x, and supports SRT, RTMP, and RTSP protocols. The TLC-300-IP-20-FNDI is the latest Full NDI® PTZ camera that was released in May 2022, with 1080p60 maximum resolution. The combination of Telycam NDI® PTZ camera and PTZ joystick keyboard helps our end-users make the best out of NDI® technology.

Note: All NDI® PTZ cameras are POE support.

Interested in what Telycam NDI® PTZ cameras can do for your next project? Contact us via sales@telycam.com for more information or an online demo.

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