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Telycam (Telecam Technology Co.,Ltd) is a professional manufacturer of PTZ Cameras for video conferencing and live streaming. Involved in the audiovisual industry since 2014, Telycam integrates the advantages of a stable supply chain, well-organized manufacturing, powerful R&D capability, and professional services, aiming to bring the best audiovisual solutions to our users.


We are committed to helping people better connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other in the Cloud Era.


Staying focused on the development and improvement of the integrated functions and stable performance of cameras.

Aaron xia founder of telycam

Aaron Xia, CEO

Founder's Story

My name is Aaron. I am the owner of Telycam. I began to realize that the Cloud Era has indeed come when I witnessed the impressive Infocomm show in Las Vegas in 2012. Online simultaneous visual communication is bound to be one of the future trends in this era. However, the investment to set up an audiovisual conferencing system at that time was far from affordable for a small business, while vendors in the industry were still competing for benefits of SDI and HDMI cameras.

Inspired by the show, and catering to the trends, my team and I determined to design a video camera that combined high performance, easy operation and, the most important, affordability for small businesses. This is the original aspiration of Telycam, and this is what we insist on now and  what we will be insisting on forever.

Innovation defines Telycam, while quality crowns Telycam.

Telycam's Milestones

Telycam has gone through rapid development since our establishment in 2014.  For all these years, we insist on innovation and have gained small achievements. 


Telycam was established and focused on the development of video conference camera affordable for enterprices.

Telycam’s first video conference camera TLC-300-U3  was released, combining the stablity of pan-tilt-zoom and the efficient transmission of USB 3.0 output.

IP video camera series was expanded and we started to engage in live streaming and professional audiovisual market.

4K and FHD PTZ cameras suitable for livestreaming and broadcasting were launched to bring better audiovisual experience to our clients.

NDI camera series were released to the market.

We keep innovating and are developing integrated video camera with sound bar to pursue higher performance.


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