R & D

Telycam Focuses on Independent R&D

Driven by innovation and quality, Telycam invests 18% of its sales profit into research and development every year.


Backed up with more than 10 years of working experience and profound industry background, our R&D team is dedicated to improving the comprehensive performance of our cameras.


To ensure the optimal and functional performance, a new camera model has to be tested and tweaked for hundreds of times before its release.

unique design of the camera
unique design of the camera1
high-resolution lens
advanced chips

All-round Unique Design

Telycam’s R&D team goes more beyond optimizing work. We have created our own uniquely designed cameras since 2015 and we consider innovation as  the core value of a successful business.


We have now more than 30 camera models, and the number is increasing. We continuously develop 1~2 new models each year.


From the interior configuration to external appearance, we define our own cameras. Meanwhile, we carefully gather feedback from our clients and closely follow market demands, aiming to bring more professional audiovisual solutions to our clients and users.

Patents of Our Products & Technology

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