Optical Zoom Calculator

Optical Zoom Calculator for Your Convenience

This PTZ camera optical zoom calculator helps to know the video’s image size at various distances, optical zooms ranging from 5x, 10x, 12x, 20x, 30x, and 35x. You can freely input the distance of the object to the camera, it will present the imaging size of the wide-angle and narrow-angle corresponding to our camera.

Distance(1-30 meters optional)

Distance from Camera Len(m)

Optical ZoomWide HFoV(°)Narrow HFoV(°)Wide Width(m)Wide Height(m)Narrow Width(m)Narrow Height(m)
5x 72.56.551.470.820.110.06
Optical Zoom Wide HFoV(°) Narrow HFoV(°) Wide Width(m) Wide Height(m) Narrow Width(m) Narrow Height(m)
5x 85 26.5
10x 62.5 6.43
12x 72.5 6.55
20x 60 3.2
30x 60 1.98
35x 60 2.02
imaging size of wide-angle narrow-angle

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