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Telycam is a certified and reliable Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera manufacturer that manufactures PTZ cameras in China.  Our PTZ cameras have outstanding qualities, such as 4K ultra-high definition, superior color fidelity, and rapid auto-focusing. We are committed to producing the best PTZ cameras for sale to provide you with quality images and videos, as well as lifetime technical support.

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Wholesale a Broad Range of PTZ Camera in Telycam

As a prominent PTZ camera factory, Telycam manufactures diverse types of PTZ cameras. Described below are some of the

wholesale PTZ cameras in our factory.

NDI PTZ Camera

Network Drive Interface (NDI) enables the controlling of cameras, sending of pictures, and receiving of power all over one Ethernet cable. It has a resolution that's up to 1920x1080 with a frame rate that reaches 60 fps.


NDI HX Cmaera features a great optical zoom that offers audio, video, control, tally, and power over one Ethernet cable. The optical zoom makes it suitable for both small and large gatherings.


High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) PTZ cameras have an HDMI output as well as a USB 2.0 interface for controlling video and cameras. They are designed for use in video conferencing and diverse applications.

4K PTZ Cameras

It provides high-quality and realistic video coverage that brings high-definition results. At Telycam, we offer both 4K 30 and 4K 60 PTZ cameras.

Ethernet PTZ Camera

PTZ camera POE allows power and network move over a single Ethernet cable, thereby eliminating the need for an extra power cord to the camera.

Camera PTZ Full HD

An high-performing HD PTZ camera for houses of worship, schools, sports, video conferencing, and other applications. At Telycam, you can choose from 1080P 30fps/60fps options.

SDI PTZ Camera

Serial Digital Interface (SDI) PTZ camera features a coaxial cable that delivers standard digital videos. Its capability to transmit uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals is unmatched.

Pan Tilt Zoom Optics PTZ Cameras

It's controlled by a PTZ controller to pan horizontally, tilt vertically & diagonally, and zoom-in on images and videos. At Telycam, we provide several options, ranging from 2X;4X;5X;10X;12X;15X;20X;30X;35X.

USB-C PTZ Camera

It comes with advanced ISP processing algorithms, which offers clear and high resolution video, with a strong sense of depth and outstanding color rendering.

Features and Benefits of Telycam PTZ Camera

We are determined to become the best PTZ camera supplier, and we provide PTZ cameras that have more features and

offer more benefits than other cameras on the market.

Easy to install and operate

Our PTZ cameras are simple to install and use by all kinds of people as they come with a PTZ controller. They also have versatile control options and the view angles can be adjusted easily to cover a large area, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

Compact & Multi-purpose

Telycam’s cameras are portable, easy to carry about, and can be used anywhere. We, as a PTZ camera factory, produce outdoor and indoor pan tilt zoom cameras that are applicable in several institutions.

Optical motorized zoom & automatic focus lens

Our cameras are composed of quality optical motorized zoom that produces superb images, whose resolutions is up to 4K 60. Also, they have an excellent automatic focus lens that maintains HD video image output.


We want every institution to be able to afford our Telycam high-quality PTZ robotic camera without breaking the bank, which is why we manufacture affordable HD PTZ cameras.

Custom HD PTZ Camera from Certificated PTZ Camera Manufacturer

No matter the connectivity option you want, the kind of optical zoom you prefer, or any resolution, ptz camera manufacturer Telycam is capable of making it.
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Video outputs & connection interface:

At Telycam, we manufacture numerous types of cameras that have different kinds of video outputs as well as connection interfaces, such as NDI, SDI, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB.

PTZ camera shape and color:

Your PTZ cameras can be configured to the dimensions that suit you best and painted in the color you prefer, because we are a PTZ factory integrating manufacturing and sales

Custom lens zoom PTZ for applications

We have a long-standing relationship with the best suppliers of lenses and other optical accessories needed for a PTZ camera. This makes us fashion your PTZ lens zooming ability to suit your application.

Flexible mounting options

We can provide flexible mounting options for your PTZ cameras, such as camera wall mounts, ceiling mounts, pole mounts, and outdoor enclosures.

Applications that Telycam PTZ Camera Could be Used for

Telycam PTZ cameras can be used for several applications by virtually all institutions. Because professional PTZ camera manufacturer could produce various ptz camera according to different applications.

House of Worship

House of Worship

Without spending too much money on camera procurement, several houses of worship use PTZ cameras to capture the activities going on during worship. In fact, with a single PTZ camera for church, you would no longer have to move around during worship with 2-3 cameras.

Education live streaming

Education live streaming

Classrooms are changing to virtual classes. With a PTZ camera for classroom, you can live streaming classroom to students and other people who have the need of study. Also, as a webcam factory, we manufacture best ptz cameras that can be used by teachers and students for online classes and during presentations.



Without having to hire extra cameramen or buy a lot of cameras, you can get more distinctive viewpoints and angles for news, television, and more. In fact, a skilled video technician can operate several PTZ cameras for broadcast simultaneously.



Telycam’s PTZ cameras are applicable in the health industry as they connect medical professionals with patients that are far away. Also, with a telemedicine camera, healthcare professionals get to train and collaborate together.

Sports & Esports Live

Sports & Esports Live

Telycam’s PTZ camera for sports and esports gives you the perfect shot of a game and allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom-in on players and every part of the playing ground by using ptz controller.

Radio & Podcast

Radio & Podcast

Without additional expenses of adding videos to your radio and podcast programs, you can use our PTZ camera for the perfect shot. When these videos are uploaded on streaming platforms, your audience increases.

Video Conference

Video Conference

One of the most common ways of team collaboration is video conferencing. With a Telycam PTZ video conference camera, you will get superior image quality notwithstanding the location of your team members.

Politics Live Streaming

Politics Live Streaming

Our PTZ cameras are also used to stream live political occurrences for the whole populace to view. Our cameras provide quality audiovisual solutions that everyone gets to benefit from.

Enterprise Live Streaming

Enterprise Live Streaming

With our PTZ cameras for live streaming, you get to showcase your enterprise products and services, as well as your factory and how you satisfy your customers’ needs.

Live Stream Trials

Live Stream Trials

PTZ cameras are usually used in court to provide professional audiovisual live stream trials. In fact, when you zoom-in on pieces of evidence, you can get clear images.

Why Go with Telycam as Your PTZ Camera Supplier

Over the years, we’ve been providing several industries with quality and professional PTZ cameras that are effective and efficient for their applications.

Below are some reasons why you should choose us as your PTZ camera supplier.

ISP Advanced Technology

This is the core component that makes us stand out amongst other PTZ camera manufacturers. Our PTZ cameras have ISP technologies that make the image quality to be higher, the color reproduction to be better, the definition to be better, and they support multiple optical zoom.

Unique PTZ Camera

All our products are designed and manufactured according to our customers’ preferences. We do not imitate the innovation of other PTZ camera manufacturers. We manufacture customized cameras to meet your needs.

High Performance

Telycam’s PTZ cameras are designed to provide professional solutions that give a clear view of subjects. They can be panned, tilted, and zoomed in to cover a wide area. We’ve also received several certifications from standard organizations like CE, FCC, RoHS, CNUK, and UKCA for high-quality products.

Compatible with Various Devices

We provide you with PTZ cameras that can be used with various devices, adopt standard IP protocol, support extended protocol, and are easy to install and operate. They can be conveniently powered by USB or POE, with infrared light.

Best Price

Telycam’s PTZ cameras are designed to be compact, discreet, portable, and very affordable for all institutions either profit or non-profit institutions. We provide the best price on the market.

Quality Raw Materials

The raw materials we use are of premium quality. We liaise with many reliable chip material suppliers, such as Sony, Panasonic, Bypo-star, CECport, Sunnyoptical, Jsdoptical, Blestech, and Union Optech Co.,Ltd for quality raw materials.

ISO (9001:2015) Certified Manufacturing Factory

All our customers’ wholesale PTZ cameras are produced in our certified manufacturing PTZ camera factory with the MOQ being 50 pieces. We have 3 floors in our PTZ factory with the area of the first floor being 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

Our customers enjoy pre and after-sales services. We give immediate replies to customers’ questions and for every product purchased, a 3-year warranty is guaranteed. Also, all products sold are guaranteed to enjoy free upgrades for life.

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