As a CE, FCC, RoHS, CNUK, UKCA certified Webcam manufacturer, Telycam produces HD USB 2.0 Webcam for video conferences in high image quality and high stability.

Best EPTZ Webcam Manufacturer in China

Telycam is a certified webcam manufacturer in China that manufactures webcams for sale. We are dedicated to providing quality wholesale webcams to all institutions, as well as lifetime technical support. 

Our webcams have outstanding qualities, such as 4K ultra-high definition, superior color fidelity, and rapid auto-focusing that provide integrated audio-visual solutions.

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Collaborate with Telycam for Superior Audiovisual Solutions

Wholesale Webcam for Conference Room
from a Reliable Factory

We are a reliable webcam factory that produces high-performing webcam wholesale. Described below are some of the wholesale webcams in our factory.

4K Webcam with Microphone

4K webcam with microphone offers good video quality accompanied with clear sounds. It suits perfectly whether you want to stream video games or help your audience online with educational tutorials. It’s the best choice for conference and streaming applications.

USB 2.0 HD Webcam

USB 2.0 HD webcam provides true color and high-definition audio-visual solutions with auto white balance, auto gain control, and auto-exposure control. It’s an ideal option for high-quality desktop video conferencing.

Webcam with Microphone and Speaker

TLC-800-U2-4K integrates a premium camera, microphone, and speakers into an All-in-One unit. Webcams with speakers allows you to take premium quality videos, and the exclusive audio algorithm also allows every word of the participants to be heard.

Features and Benefits of Our USB 2.0 HD Webcam

We are determined to become the best amongst other webcam suppliers and PTZ camera factory, which is why we provide outstanding webcams

that have more features and offer more benefits than other webcams on the market.


Our webcams are not expensive. They are designed to be affordable by everyone and every institution. We work with you based on your budget and get you the best webcam that will suit your needs.

Easy to Install and Operate

Our webcams are simple to install and use by all kinds of people, including beginners. This makes them applicable to all sectors and favored by everyone. All you have to do is plug in the cable and use it.

Optical Motorized Zoom

Our cameras are composed of quality optical motorized zoom that produces superb images no matter the number of times the images are magnified. Telycam’s webcams adjust to how you want without sacrificing the quality of the images or videos.

Integrated Audio-visual

Telycam manufactures all-in-one webcams with sound bars that offer integrated audiovisual solutions. They provide quality audio solutions that eliminate distractive sounds and premium cameras that compensate for lighting imbalances.

Flexible View Angle

They are designed for huddle rooms and wide spaces. The view angles can be adjusted easily to conform to any environment whether small or large areas, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

Rapid Auto-Focusing

Our webcams have an excellent automatic focus lens that rapidly captures every movement in a precise manner and maintains clear video image output, thereby providing you with top-notch images and videos.

Applications that Telycam 4K Webcams are used for

Telycam webcams can be used for several applications by virtually all institutions. Described below 

are some of the areas where their usage is paramount.

House of Worship

House of Worship

In houses of worship like the church and the mosque, webcams can be used to record and stream the program. With a single webcam for church, you can get connected to the program from your home.

Online Education

Online Education

Online classes are beginning to take the place of physical classes. With a webcam for online classes, all the students and other people can have access to learning from the comfort of their homes.



With a broadcast webcam, you would directly express your distinctive viewpoints and angles for news, television, and more to the public without hiring extra cameramen or buying a lot of cameras.



With Telycam webcam for telemedicine, medical practitioners get to relate with other healthcare specialists and patients from all parts of the world. Also, live training sessions can be done via the webcam.

Sports & Esports Live

Sports & Esports Live

Sports broadcast cameras and esports cameras are more used by commentators to get the perfect view of a game. They are also used by people who are live streaming a game. Webcams allow you to zoom-in on players and capture every part of the playing ground

Video Conference

Video Conference

One of the most common ways of providing corporate video solutions for a team is video conferencing webcam. With a wireless webcam for video conferencing, you will get superior image quality notwithstanding the location of your team members without any delay.

Politics Live Streaming

Politics Live Streaming

Our webcams are also used to stream live political occurrences for the whole populace to view. Our cameras provide quality audiovisual solutions that everyone gets to benefit from.

Enterprise Live Streaming

Enterprise Live Streaming

With our 4K streaming ptz camera, you get to explain and showcase your enterprise mission & vision, products & services, as well as your factory, and how you satisfy your customers’ needs.

Live Stream Trials

Live Stream Trials

Telycam’s webcams can be used for courtroom video recording to provide standard audiovisual live stream trials. Also, it can be used to get clear images when you zoom-in on evidence.

Why Go with Telycam as Your EPTZ Webcam Supplier

Over the years, we’ve been providing several institutions with quality and professional webcams that are effective and efficient for their applications.

Below are some reasons why you should choose us as your webcam supplier.

ISP Advanced Technology

One of the strong reasons why we stand out amidst other webcam manufacturers is because our EPTZ webcams have ISP technology in them. The ISP technology is not restricted by policy and it allows for better image quality, better color reproduction, better definition, and multiple optical zoom.

Unique Webcam Design

Telycam webcams can be customized according to cuatomers' requirements. We don't imitate the style of other webcams manufacturers. We manufacture our webcams to suit your needs.

High Performance

Our webcams are manufactured to deliver professional solutions with clear pictures and videos. You can easily adjust them to cover the entire area. And for manufacturing outstanding products, we’ve earned certifications from several standard organizations such as CE, RoHS, FCC, CNUK, and UKCA.

Compatible with Various Devices

We manufacture standard webcams that work with a variety of devices, use standard IP protocol, support extended protocol, and are simple to set up and use. You can power them by USB or POE, with infrared light.

Best Price

Our webcams are manufactured to be compact, discreet, portable, and cheap. Apart from webcam, HD PTZ camera is another important products manufactured by us. Accessories like pan tilt controller, camera wall mount, IR remote controller are available in Telycam.

Quality Raw Materials

We only use the highest-quality raw materials, and we source them from many reliable chip material suppliers who we have strong relationship with. Some of our suppliers are Sony, Bypo-star, CECport, Jsdoptical, Panasonic, Blestech, Sunnyoptical, and Union Optech Co., Ltd.

ISO (9001:2015) Certified Manufacturing Factory

We have a certified webcam factory where we manufacture our customers' webcam bulk orders usually a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces. Our factory has three floors with the area of the first floor being 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

We provide pre-sale and after-sale services to our customers. We respond quickly to our customers' questions, and every product purchased comes with a 3-year warranty. In addition, all of our customers receive free upgrades on all of their purchases.

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