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Professional, real-time, and affordable PTZ cameras that are used in providing superior radio broadcast solutions.

Why You Need PTZ Cameras for Broadcast


Cameras are used in the broadcasting industry not only to record programs but also to provide live stream solutions. This helps in boosting the interaction between the host, the guest, and the audience in real-time. The hosts now have access to a global audience that can participate in the broadcast by putting a call through or by commenting. With the use of quality HD PTZ broadcast cameras, audiences at remote locations can see every angle of the broadcast room clearly and hear every word.

In the broadcasting industry, your revenue depends on your performance on air, including how you look. And how you look on-air is determined by the broadcasting PTZ camera you use. PTZ camera company Telycam provides high-standard PTZ cameras for broadcasting that offer top-notch services. With these cameras, your audience will be thrilled and have the best audio-visual broadcasting experience.






Custom HD Broadcast PTZ Camera

At Telycam, we manufacture all kinds of broadcasting PTZ camera specs, including numerous video outputs & connection interfaces, camera type, shape, color, lens, and mount designs.

Video Outputs and Connection Interface

We are capable of producing several types of broadcasting cameras with each of them having a different video output and connection interface. Examples of our productions are USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, NDI, NDI HX, HDMI, and SDI.

Broadcast Camera Type, Shape, and Color

We don’t just manufacture one style of PTZ camera for broadcasting, we produce several types, with different shapes and colors.

Custom Lens Zoom

We use customized lenses that are sourced from the best lens manufacturer for the production process. And this is why our cameras can zoom in on images and reveal intricate details.

Flexible Mounting Options

At Telycam, the mounting designs we provide are peculiar to your camera. We manufacture a variety of mounting options that are capable of keeping your camera in position.

Applications of Telycam Webcam and PTZ Cameras for Broadcast

Telycam is a reputable company that supplies wholesale PTZ cameras and webcams that are used in broadcasting. Our products feature outstanding qualities and benefits, which make them usable in numerous applications in the broadcasting industry. Below are some of their various applications.

Radio Broadcasting

Web TV Shows in Radio

Visual experience creates a real-life feeling and this is what our cameras bring into web TV shows on radio. Audiences in remote locations will experience the magic of our PTZ studio camera visually which creates more emotional excitement.

Broadcast Live Streaming

Live Stream Musical Program

Telycam’s broadcast webcam and PTZ camera for streaming are also used to capture musical programs for the whole world to view. Our products have high qualities that provide superb solutions and give beautifying touches to musical performances.

Television Broadcast and Recording Studio

Television Broadcast and Recording Studio

Our live stream studio PTZ cameras are applied in several television broadcast and recording studio productions, such as podcasting solutions, sound booth recordings, and live shot-flash studio production.

Features of Telycam Broadcast PTZ Cameras

At Telycam, we manufacture the best PTZ broadcast cameras that can be used to stream events and programs. Here are some of the
outstanding features of our
broadcast PTZ cameras.

Easy to install and use

Our PTZ cameras for broadcasting are very easy to set up and use. Also, you don’t need many staff for the control; one single person can control multiple cameras from one standpoint.

Clear voice experience

The broadcasting PTZ cameras are equipped with superior speech procession technologies that reduce background noise and enhance the human voice.

Ultra high-quality video

Telycam livestream studio ptz have a unique image processing algorithm that ensures superior image quality. They offer high image quality even in low-light conditions.

Easy camera control options

We provide you with different control options for your broadcast ptz camera. This makes the navigation of the camera very easy even for illiterates.


Make video production easier

With our 4K PTZ broadcast camera in position, video production becomes easier as capturing of high-quality images will be seamless and there will be no need for editing.

Autofocus (zoom up to 35x)

Our broadcast PTZ cameras are made up of advanced and powerful lenses. This enhances the auto-focusing capabilities of our cameras; you can zoom as much as 35x without compromising the image quality.

Easy IP control

Without using cables, you can connect the broadcast PTZ camera with other media. The connection is made easily with an IP network.

Engage virtual attendees

Telycam broadcasting cameras are compatible with other devices and software. With these cameras, live streaming to social media, such as Facebook, and YouTube is very easy. The broadcast will reach everyone in the world regardless of the difference in location.

Superior HD Camera Solutions Telycam Can Offer for Broadcast

The cameras we manufacture are very different from others on the market. Our cameras provide superior HD camera solutions that are applicable in the broadcasting industry. Below are some of our products and their functions.

PTZ Camera

This is a camera that is capable of panning, tilting, and zooming to produce accurate images. It features fantastic features, such as a smooth mechanical design that favors his pan, tilt, and zoom movement. An example of this product is the Full NDI PTZ camera.


Our numerous solutions include providing reliable webcams for streaming broadcasts. All our webcams produce a clear voice and image experience, making broadcast live streaming enjoyable.

PTZ Controller

This is a device used in controlling the PTZ camera; you can use it to pan, tilt, zoom, and navigate it anyhow you want. Some of our PTZ controllers are the remote control and joystick.

Mount Bracket

At Telycam, we provide you with customized and strong mount brackets that hold your cameras in place and prevent them from falling. One of our mount brackets is the ceiling mount camera bracket.


This is a strong, reliable wire that supports the use of PTZ cameras from a long-distance. The PTZ USB is long and durable, guaranteeing the functionality of your cameras in large rooms.

IR Remote Controller

The IR remote controller has similar functions as the PTZ controller. However, the IR remote controller is a handheld wireless device that feeds on light signals in a room to control the camera.

Why Choose Telycam for HD PTZ Cameras for Broadcast

At Telycam, all we do is provide extraordinary PTZ cameras that offer the best audio-visual experience in the broadcasting industry. Our productions are unmatched. Here are some of the reasons why we are the best broadcast PTZ camera manufacturer you can choose.

ISP Advanced Technology

This is the core component that sets our products apart from other manufacturers’. The ISP technology equipped in our cameras is the reason for our extremely high image quality, better definition, and color reproduction. It also contributes to the multiple optical zooming of our cameras. In addition, our ISP is not restricted by the US policy.

Quality Raw Materials

All the raw materials are obtained from notable material suppliers in the world. Some of them are Panasonic, Sony, Jsdoptical, Sunnyoptical, CECport, Blestech, Bypo-star, and Union Optech Co., Ltd.

High Performance

The high-performance of our cameras is birth from the quality raw materials we use in production. And having continually manufactured PTZ cameras that are outstanding, several organizations have recognized and certified us. Some of these organizations are CE, CNUK, RoHS, FCC, and UKCA.


When deciding on our pricing policies, we consider the whole public and ensure that everyone can afford our cameras. We offer the best price in the world without compromising on the quality of the cameras.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Environment (ISO 9001:2015)

All our production (minimum order quantity of 50 pieces) are done in our ISO-certified PTZ camera and webcam factory. It consists of three floors and the first floor has a total measurement of 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

In addition to providing stress-free custom services, we offer pre and after-sale services as well as giving quick responses to all our customers’ questions. Also, there is a three-year guarantee and a lifetime free upgrade on every product bought from us.

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