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Professional NDI® PTZ Camera Manufacturer

To offer a solution to the hassles involved in cameras, such as complicated installation, expensive hardware, low quality, weight, poor flexibility & adjustment, Telycam provides a professional NDI® PTZ camera that’s extremely cost-effective. This camera allows the seamless transmission of audio and video signals, as well as the collaboration of other devices.

In addition, the PTZ camera NDI® also solves all the problems related with bandwidth, latency, resolution, and other issues faced with other cameras.

Wholesale Various PTZ NDI® Cameras from Telycam

Telycam is a one-stop manufacturer that’s capable of meeting all your PTZ NDI® camera needs. We have wholesale PTZ cameras that are manufactured to provide optimal audiovisual solutions.

NDI® HX3 Camera

The NDI® HX3 provides the best solution for users who want premium video quality. While the image and video output is likened to that of Full NDI® PTZ camera, it requires less bandwidth and lower requirements in the network environment.


Core features:

  • 1080p60 FHD resolution
  • 20X-30X optical zoom
  • NDI® |HX3/3G-SDI/HDMI/USB 2.0 available
  • SRT supported
  • Audio output via HDMI, NDI® |HX3 and 3G-SDI
  • Power over Ethernet
  • High quality audio
  • Program and preview tally

NDI® HX2 Camera

The NDI® HX2 is a bi-directional standard that enables video systems to identify and communicate with one another through an IP. It’s developed with H.264 compression to reduce bandwidth, while introducing a small amount of additional latency.


Core features:

  • 4K /1080p60 ultra HD resolution
  • 12X – 35X optical zoom
  • DRT supported
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Embed the latest NDI®/HX 5 SDK
  • NDI®/HX/3G-SDI/HDMI/USB 3.0 available
  • Smooth and quiet PTZ movement
  • Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

NDI® HX Camera

The NDI® HX PTZ camera is a lower bandwidth version of NDI with the benefit of low bandwidth requirements. The camera NDI® HX requires a dedicated bandwidth of 4-24 mbps for live streaming.

Core features:

  • 1080p60 /4K60 FHD video resolution
  • 12 – 35X optical zoom
  • NDI® 5 integrated
  • HDI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0 video interface, line in audio interface
  • SRT supported
  • Power over Ethernet
  • High quality audio
  • Smooth and quiet PTZ movement

Full NDI® Camera

The Full NDI® PTZ camera is a full bandwidth protocol with low latency and virtually lossless benefits. With it, multi-stream HD & UHD, which are best for live broadcast, can be transmitted.

Core features:

  • High quality image at low bandwidth
  • 1080p60 full HD resolution
  • 20X optical zoom
  • 3G-SDI/HDMI/USB2.0 available
  • Smooth and quiet PTZ movement
  • SRT supported
  • Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)
  • Power over Ethernet


Fulfill Your Custom PTZ NDI® Camera Needs in Teylcam

In addition to the different types of video output and connection interface attached to the PTZ NDI® cameras, we can customize them to have whichever design, lens zoom, mounting options, and resolution you want.

Video Outputs and Connection Interface

There are several video outputs and connection interfaces available for you to choose from. They are made specifically to meet your needs.

PTZ NDI® Camera Shape & Color

Your camera NDI® PTZ can be produced in whatever shape and design you desire. They are customized in the color of your preference.

Custom NDI® PTZ Lens Zoom

We have a strong relationship with reputable suppliers of lens and other optical accessories, which enable us to provide you with the best NDI® PTZ lens zoom. You can zoom-in on images as much as 12x to 35x.

Flexible Mounting Options

Several mounting options are available to hold your NDI® PTZ camera in place while you relax. They include camera wall mounts, ceiling mounts, pole mounts, and outdoor enclosures.

Resolution (4K 30/60, 1080P 60)

With the 4K NDI® PTZ camera, you will get the best video resolution and quality. Your recording will be crystal clear with high-definition images and videos.

Benefits and Features of Our NDI Action Cameras

Our NDI action cameras have advanced features, making them offer outstanding benefits. This makes them stand out among other types of cameras.

Advanced audio

They are embedded with technological components that compress background voices, making the audio of the speakers to be very clear. You don’t have to be side-by-side with the speakers to capture their voices.

More convenient connection

No need for the connection of several cables to get a perfect live stream. Video signals can be transmitted as long as there’s a Local Area Network (LAN). Any device on the same LAN can view and access the content.

Easy to install and use

Requires less hardware, easing installation. Also, our NDI remote camera comes with a PTZ controller which makes it easy to use.

Compatible with NDI version and other devices

Our NDI® PTZ cameras are compatible with all NDI® versions, as well other devices. They can be connected with other NDI devices without the need for IP addresses and port information.

FHD resolution

These cameras have full HD resolution, which results in clearer and high-quality images. This gives the best visual experience as no part of the video will be blurred.

Seamless movement

There is no need for the connection of other cables, hence no limitation in movement. You can adjust the camera anyhow you want.


Streamline installation and reduce cabling complexity. Power and network are configured to move in a single Ethernet cable, thereby eliminating the need for a separate power supply cable.

What Applications can Our Camera PTZ NDI® be Used for

As a professional PTZ NDI® camera manufacturer, we produce various NDI® broadcast cameras that are suitable for several applications. Below are some of the uses.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in the House of Worship

House of Worship

Live streaming camera for church to expand the service coverage to people outside the venues, including those at home.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in Education


With a PTZ camera for classrooms, virtual classroom production, distance learning, lecture capture, and on-demand teaching will be improved.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in Broadcasting


A broadcast PTZ camera permits you to get distinctive viewpoints and angles for news, television, and more.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in the Health Industry


With a telehealth camera, medical professionals get to attend to patients who are far away, as well as train and collaborate with fellow health professionals.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in Sports Esports Live

Sport & Esports Live

Live stream cameras for sports & esports that offers unique camera angles, which captures all the action, emotion, and intensity of games.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in Video Conference

Video Conference

Provides superior audiovisual experience which enhances team collaboration regardless of the location of the members.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in Politics Live Streaming

Politics Live Streaming

Inform and involve citizens with real-time information about the affairs of the government using PTZ camera for live streaming.

NDI PTZ Camera Application in Music Live Streaming

Music Live Streaming

Display musical event coverage in and outside venues for live streaming, recording, and social media videos.

Why Choose Telycam as Your NDI® Compatible Camera Manufacturer

Over the years, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality NDI® compatible cameras that are used in several industries for different applications. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your NDI PTZ camera manufacturer.

ISP Advanced Technology

All our NDI® streaming cameras are built with this component, and this is why our products are highly-rated. This provides you with higher image quality, better color reproduction, more delicate picture quality, and multiple optical zoom ranging from 12x to 35x.

Unique PTZ Camera

We provide you with unique designs. All our products are designed, developed, and produced by ourselves without imitating other NDI® PTZ manufacturers’ production. The NDI® video cameras are customized in accordance with your requirements.

High Performance

At Telycam, we prioritize producing high-performing NDI® PTZ cameras that have tremendous qualities, such as high image quality and stability, easy installation and operation, low latency, exposure control, focal length range, and autofocus.

Compatible with Various Devices

Our products are compatible with various devices without the input of IP addresses. We produce NDI® compatible cameras that can be connected with all NDI versions seamlessly. They support a standard IP protocol, as well as an extended protocol.


You don’t need to break the bank to acquire this camera. It’s manufactured for class and institutions, including the wealthy and less wealthy, as well as profit and non-profit organizations. We offer the best price on the market.

Quality Raw Materials

Raw materials are obtained from reliable suppliers like Sony, Panasonic, Bypo-star, CECport, Sunnyoptical, Jsdoptical, Blestech, and Union Optech Co.,Ltd. As a testimony and reward for our compliance to quality, we’ve earned several certificates from reputable standard organizations like CE, FCC, RoHS, CNUK, and UKCA.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Environment (ISO 9001:2015)

We have a powerful production factory where we carry out all our manufacturing with the MOQ being 50 pieces. The production base is made up of floors with the first floor measuring a total of 2400 square meters. Hence, our capability to meet your minimum and bulk orders.

Worry-free Customer Service

Our customers are provided with pre and after-sales services. We reply immediately to every inquiry, and for every camera purchased, a 3-year warranty is assured. Also, all cameras sold are guaranteed to benefit from free upgrades for life.

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