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Client Stories & Testimonials

  • “Telycam is setting a new standard of video conference solution with high flexibility and compatibility with most of sortware/web-based communication solution. It’s really help us to reach the market well and increase our customer’s loyalty”
    Mr. Nhan
  • Finally! After years of painstaking, exhausting, expensive research and testing…we have found Telycam--a HD USB PTZ Video Conference Camera supplier that’s more than good enough to put our trusted reputation on.
    Ryan Pinke
  • Connect New Zealand have been a proud partner of Telycam for over 12 months. During this time we have been very impressed with the high quality of all the products, the quick response to service calls, and fast delivery. The team at Telycam are super friendly and always available. The constant innovation and R&D is second to none, and they always welcome feedback from users for their new products to ensure they meet their user’s needs. I would highly recommend the Telycam products to anyone! They are one of the leaders in conference room products.
    Keith Block
    Connect New Zealand
  • Imagoscansource started working with Telycam as a supplier of cameras over two years ago they manufacture a range of cameras for the company that are marketed under the Imagoscansource Diamond brand name. Telycam provide not only good looking cameras but they are high quality products that have proven very reliable Imagoscansource sell both SDI and USB based Diamond cameras in the U.K., France and Germany.
    Peter Nice
    Imago Scansource

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