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Johnson & Johnson(J&J) is an American multinational corporation founded in 1886 that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods. As the world’s largest and broadest healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson is committed to maximizing their reach and scale to create healthier communities and place healthy minds, bodies and environments for everyone, anywhere.

The Johnson & Johnson Institute leverages the rich and shared resources of Johnson & Johnson to conduct a variety of learning events and lectures around the world, providing ongoing learning opportunities for healthcare professionals. Live-streaming makes it possible for more healthcare professionals to participate in live events, learn and share knowledge anytime, anywhere. After comparing different PTZ camera suppliers, Johnson & Johnson Research Institute chose Telycam to provide the live production solution for their live event in Bangkok.

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As this live learning event will have more than 100 participants, delegates will conduct live simulations. Therefore, the PTZ camera needs to be able to achieve accurate focus while zooming or rotating, as well as fineness and clarity of the image, which is crucial for online participation.

Since Johnson & Johnson has not yet established a research center in Bangkok, and its on-site staff is limited, it needs a live production solution that is as simple and easy to use as possible.



• Multiple PTZ cameras:4K NDI®|HX PTZ camera TLC-300-IP-20-4K(NDI)

• A PTZ control keybroad : TLC-50TC(NDI)

• Multiple Ethernet cables

• A PoE network switcher

• Livestreaming Hardware Tricaster

Telycam 20X NDI®|HX PTZ camera TLC-300-IP-20(NDI) and control keyboard TLC-50TC are connected to a PoE network switcher through multiple ethernet cables. Use livestreaming hardware Tricaster for local detecting, live streaming and directing.

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Telycam 20X NDI®|HX PTZ camera TLC-300-IP-20(NDI) adopt the most compact, robust, and sophisticated PTZ mechanical design and proprietary focusing algorithm to achieve fast and precise focus performance when zooming or moving, to capture every detail of the scene to meet the needs.

Johnson and johnson event 5

A total of four Telycam 20X NDI®|HX PTZ camera TLC-300-IP-20(NDI) were installed at the event, one on the both side of the participants, while the other two cameras captured the speaker’s close-up and long-range views, each with its own fixed standby position. In addition, the four cameras were all set up with multiple PTZ preset locations which can be recalled in sequence with the PTZ camera control keyboard TLC-50TC to capture different positions.

The PTZ camera control keyboard TLC-50TC allows the staff to adjust image parameters via shift button multiplexing to directly control zoom in/zoom out, and set pan, tilt, and zoom speed (paired with preset pan, tilt, and zoom speed). Matching the set-up zoom times, pan-tilt speed, and preset speed to the joystick control speed. Quickly switching the camera IP address.



TLC-300-IP-20(NDI) is integrated with the latest NDI ®|HX 5.5 SDK thus can support plug-and-play for live production to simplify wiring and keep the conference hall neat and clean.

2. Fast and precise focus

Even after the magnification, the PTZ camera maintains accurate and quick focusing and smooth and smooth rotation, which greatly improves the video quality in the live streaming and attracts many online viewers for this learning event.

3. Smooth and Quiet PTZ Movement

As the PTZ camera rotates quietly and smoothly, it becomes “invisible” in the entire operating system, so participants on site not be disturbed by the noise of the rotation and concentrate on participating in the learning event.

4. Saving manpower and simplifying operation

Johnson and johnson event staff

With TLC-50TC NDI PTZ camera control keybroad, 128 preset positions can be set, recalled, and cleared via the numerical button area. Exposure parameter, white balance parameter, and pan, tilt, and zoom speed can be saved in each preset. Reduces the complexity of staff training and the number of personnel required, saving time, money, and manpower.

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