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The advancement of technology and the network has resulted in the rapid development of not only live streaming, but also telemedicine. With the advent of telemedicine, medical professionals may now treat patients who reside far away from their offices via video conferencing, revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided. For patients who have limited access to medical resources and are unable to go to the location where they will receive care, the emergence and development of telemedicine is of utmost importance.

In telemedicine, the utilization of HD live streaming PTZ cameras enables medical personnel to concentrate on patient care and technological advancement. They can now serve patients who live far away, and it makes it easier for medical staff to work together and receive training. It also makes it possible to set up training environments with many rooms and virtual labs.

We will examine a telemedicine cart with Telycam infrared PTZ cameras in-depth in this user case study in order to better understand how it can aid medical professionals in managing and caring for their patients.


The Telycam infrared PTZ camera is often positioned on top of the telemedicine cart and can be connected to the monitor through RS232 or USB2.0 interface to display the image on the screen. The telemedicine cart not only permits high-definition video connection, but it also records and transmits medical information, including ECGs, electronic medical records, examination reports, and medical photographs, to the remote expert side. This gives the remote expert complete access to the patient’s data and enables them to provide a precise diagnosis.

It is worth noting that this Telycam infrared PTZ camera TLC-300-U2-10-IR is specifically developed for customers in the telemedicine industry. This PTZ camera has built-in infrared lighting and supports night vision, making it an excellent choice for use in telemedicine.

For nurses, the night vision capability significantly lessens the interruption to individual wards during the night shift rounds and enables an overview of patient circumstances at the nurses’ station to optimize patient care and other responsibilities.

Healthcare workers have access to variable magnification operations with the high-quality 10x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom lens to capture every detail in the image.

The PTZ camera is compatible with the majority of videoconferencing software (UVC1.5), enabling healthcare professionals to observe patient status wherever they are by remotely controlling the camera using their favourite videoconferencing program. In addition, Telycam PTZ cameras offer fast and precise focus, enabling quick focus during use by healthcare professionals and increasing diagnostic precision.


VeeOne Health —— Named 2020 North American Telehealth Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

VeeOne Health is the first virtual care solution to directly address the needs of doctors, patients and healthcare systems across the entire continuum of care.

They chose Telycam infrared PTZ cameras with mobile carts to increase accessibility of telemedicine care.

1.Convenience of use

By eliminating the typical hardware cords and integrating a PTZ camera, the telemedicine cart’s versatility has been significantly expanded. This also makes it easier for personnel to use and maintain.

2. Greater safety

The wireless design eliminates the traction that traditional cables create, reducing the likelihood of accidents and tripping and falling risks. Meanwhile, An infrared PTZ camera, enables continuous monitoring of the patient’s health.


TLC 300 U2 10 IR
TLC 300 U2 10 IR

1080p HD video resolution

10X Optical Zoom+12X Digital Zoom

Built-in with IR illuminator lights, support night vision

USB2.0 high speed output

Compatible with the majority of video software(UVC1.5 protocol standard)

Over the years of being a reputable live streaming PTZ camera and webcam vendor, we’ve produced different PTZ cameras that are used for different applications.

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