Government —— The emergency communication command vehicle

Government emergency vehicle cover

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The emergency communication command vehicle is mainly composed of mobile loading platform, communication link, communication equipment and business application system, etc. It has the functions of audio and video collection and transmission, communication support, command and dispatch, etc.

In the face of frequent natural disasters, the public requires leading departments at all levels to consult and deal with emergencies as soon as possible. As a necessary equipment for dealing with emergencies, the video conference system requires multiple access methods, must be stable and reliable, so that officials from the government and other related departments can quickly access the video conference system for managing emergencies. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the stability, confidentiality, compatibility, ease of use, and access capability of the video conference system.


• Vehicle movement requires a wireless video transmission scheme

• Full-time video calls can be made from anywhere and at any time.

• The users can view the site situation at the remote end and guide the work process.

• Must be stable and reliable

• High-quality sound and crystal-clear images


Telycam recommend our IP/HDMI/SDI FHD Live Streaming PTZ Camera 【TLC-300-IP-20】for the emergency communications command vehicle to undertake the function of video acquisition and transmission in the emergency communication command system.

TLC-300-IP-20 is equipped with an industry-level image processing solution, an advanced 2.4MP sensor, and 20x optical zoom lens, to deliver sharp and high-definition video. Support multiple interactions. With IP, HDMI, 3G-SDI, and USB3.0 video output connectivity, it can be used in various applications to produce and stream video. A high-quality video can be transmitted very clearly in emergency meetings and situations, which meets the needs of some users in medical, meteorology, public security, government, and military functions which require high-quality images.

Government emergency vehicle
Government emergency vehicle

Product details:


• 1080p60 FHD resolution

• 20x optical zoom

• IP/3G-SDI/HDMI/USB3.0 Available

• SRT supported

• Power over Ethernet

• Smooth and Quiet PTZ Movement

• Program and Preview Tally

Government emergency vehicle product 1
Government emergency vehicle product

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