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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, webinars have become a pivotal tool for communication, education, and marketing. This case study examines how our Explore SE launch webinar significantly improved its engagement and production quality by incorporating Telycam Explore SE, Magewell Director Mini, vMix and Hollyland wireless microphones into its setup.


The webinar, titled “Explore SE: The Game-Changing PTZ Camera for Live Production,” aimed to deliver high-quality content to a global audience. We sought to upgrade this webinar setup to ensure a seamless, engaging, and professional experience for our attendees. The primary goal was to enhance the audio-visual quality and ensure smooth transitions between speakers and presentation materials.


Webinar Setup Using Magewell Director Mini, Hollyland Wireless Microphone, and a 3-Camera System

Application Diagram for a 3 Camera System:

user case2

Main Camera: Explore SE PTZ Camera

explore se webinar01

Positioned to capture the primary view of the presenter. Offers high-quality video with PTZ capabilities, making it easy to adjust the frame as needed. Shoot the speaker’s picture and set 3 preset positions to shoot different areas and output them directly to the director mini through HDMI.

Sub Camera: Vision+ 4KN PTZ Camera   

Serves as a secondary angle, providing additional viewpoints. The 1080P resolution ensures high-quality visuals and also output via HDMI.

Sub Camera for Detail Shots: Sony A7M4

Used for detailed close-ups, such as the back of Explore SE, mobile phone screenshots, etc. Offers superior image quality and depth of field, ideal for highlighting specific details.

Connectivity & Control:

POE++ switch: Powers the cameras and provides network connectivity, reducing wiring complexity.

V-Joy+ PTZ Control Keyboard: Enables remote camera operation, allowing for smooth panning, tilting, and zooming during the webinar.


Hollyland Wireless Microphone: Ensures clear, uninterrupted audio capture. Its wireless nature allows for greater mobility and flexibility during presentations.

Switcher: Magewell Director Mini

This setup provides robust live production capabilities. The Director Mini is ideal for its portability and ease of use, offers a comprehensive control system for live video mixing, including transitions and effects.

explore se webinar03

When connected to the internet, the Director Mini can simultaneously control a PTZ camera and invoke preset positions. Throughout the entire live broadcast, we fully utilized Explore SE, requiring different camera positions to switch back and forth and call preset positions. Setting up each scene in advance in the live broadcast scene settings, with each preset position corresponding to each scene, significantly improves the efficiency of the director and the smoothness of the transitions.

lighting Arrangement

The key light positioned at a 45-degree angle to the subject and slightly above eye level to illuminate the subject’s features, providing clear visibility and highlighting crucial details.


Complementing this are three LED recessed lights, mounted evenly across the ceiling. These drop ceiling mount lights serve as ambient lighting, filling the room with a soft, uniform light that helps in reducing shadows and evenly distributing light across the space. Adding to the setup‘s dynamism are two accent lights, one in blue and the other in red, to enrich the background.Their placement is instrumental in accentuating background elements, crafting a colorful and imaginative backdrop. This addition not only injects a layer of creativity but also adds depth to the background, significantly elevating the overall visual allure of the webinar.


1. Enhanced Video Quality: The Telycam Explore SE delivered consistent high-definition video, improving the visual appeal of the webinar. Explore SE can also maintain fast and precise focus and color clarity when switching preset positions, which greatly improves the viewing experience of the webinar.

2. Increased Engagement: The dynamic camera movements and smooth transitions made the webinar more engaging, retaining audience attention throughout.

3. Superior Audio Experience: The Hollyland Wireless Microphone provided clear, uninterrupted audio, enhancing the auditory experience for attendees.

4. Simplified Operation: The Magewell Director Mini interface streamlined the webinar production, making it easier to manage even for those with limited technical expertise.


The integration of Telycam Explore SE, Magewell Director Mini, vMix, and Hollyland Wireless Microphone transformed the “Explore SE——the game changing PTZ camera in live production” webinar into a highly engaging and professionally executed event. The case study demonstrates how the right technology can significantly enhance the quality and impact of webinars, making them a powerful tool in the digital era.

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