Studio room —— Daegu MBC studio room

studio room

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Daegu MBC was established in 1963 as the first private commercial broadcasting corporation in Daegu Gyeongbuk province. It serves its viewers and listeners with joyful and informative contents to be the best local channel in the 21st century.

With the rapid development of network technology, it is inevitable for IP to replace traditional video and audio transmission. The Daegu MBC studio room urgently needed to upgrade the existing workflow into the AV over IP technology system. The first step was to upgrade the video capture system. In terms of video capture, in order to protect the existing system as much as possible and simplify the installation, the Daegu MBC studio room chose Telycam PTZ cameras.

Compare to traditional cameras, PTZ cameras can be flexibly installed in different locations within the studio room, allowing for a variety of camera angles. PTZ cameras can not only greatly save costs, but also reduce the difficulty of operation, allowing one person to control multiple PTZ cameras at the same time.


• Ensure high image quality and low latency as much as possible within the budget

• Compatible with the studio room’s existing system for normal use

• Display working status, can be used for long standby time

• Simplify wiring as much as possible to keep the studio neat and clean

• In-studio multi-camera display with 360-degree shooting without blind areas



• Multiple PTZ cameras:NDI®|HX2 PTZ camera TLC-300-IP-20(NDI)

• Multiple Ethernet cables、3G-SDI cables

• A PoE network switcher

• Livestreaming software vMix

3G-SDI cables to transmit video.

vMix software to live streaming and record the studio room shows.

A PoE network switcher and multiple ethernet cables for power

After evaluating the existing systems and equipment in the studio room, Telycam recommended the NDI®|HX2 PTZ camera TLC-300-IP-20(NDI). On the basis of not destroying the original video system of the Daegu MBC studio room, add multiple Telycam PTZ cameras to cover the shooting angle and range of the studio room.

Each Telycam PTZ camera is stably mounted on the wall with a wall-mount bracket TLC-W12 and powered with a single ethernet cable.


1.High Image quality and low latency

TLC-300-IP-12(NDI) features an industry-level image processor, outputs full high-definition video resolution of 1920*1080 p60 to display clear, sharp, and lifelike images to users, even in low-light working environments.

As part of Telycam’s commitment to keeping up with the latest technology in the industry, all of our NDI®|HX PTZ cameras have now been upgraded to the latest NDI®5.5 SDK.

2. Tally function for easy management

As for professional studio rooms, our PTZ cameras support the Tally function, which allows workers to keep track of the camera’s current working status. The indicator light can work as Tally when receive tally notification from the NDI® devices, to show the live is on or off.

3. Simplifies and reduces the workload

Support 128 presets, can set the PTZ camera position and the image parameters of each preset position in advance, which greatly simplifies and reduces the workload of the studio room.


NDI®|HX2 Camera TLC-300-IP-20(NDI)

• 1080p60 FHD resolution

• 20x optical zoom

• NDI ®|HX /3G-SDI/HDMI/USB3.0 Available

• Embed the Latest NDI ®|HX 5.5 SDK

• SRT supported

• Power over Ethernet

side of 300 silver

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