Hybrid Education —— Cheonan Seo Primary School

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Hybrid education has a number of benefits over conventional face-to-face education, including the ability to overcome time and space limitations, increased learning chances for students in remote locations, and enhancement of both teaching and learning in general. By using an online learning platform, students can engage in live classes from a distance and access to recorded lessons.

The hybrid education model is quickly gaining popularity, however many schools haven’t yet developed a teaching methodology that is compatible with their style of education, or their teaching methodology’s technology is out of date.

Cheonan Seo Primary School urgently needs to build a hybrid teaching system that is appropriate for their school so that students can watch course content from home when suspended.



Adapting to various instructional methods and subject matter, the entire technology suite must be simple to use and control.


Telycam TLC-300-IP-20 PTZ camera was utilized to successfully set up a fixed classroom automatic camera system and a mobile classroom automatic camera system for concurrent online and offline instruction at Cheonan Seo Primary School, Korea.

Each classroom is equipped with two separate Telycam PTZ cameras, one mounted on the ceiling upside down to record students’ interaction and the other one mounted on a tripod to record the speaker and the content of the screen in a fixed position.


Telycam PTZ cameras and remote control keyboards are reliable options for a wide range of schools and meeting rooms. These PTZ cameras can improve the teaching and collaborative learning experience by establishing live streaming connections between specific campuses or residences, as well as students and lecturers with other universities, . 4K resolution is also available to fulfill the increased demand for interactive discussions, live and recorded lectures, and classroom presentations for both live and future use.


1.Compatible with a variety of devices

Teachers can access their own display devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc., and control and monitor the camera’s working status directly from the control panel.

2. Simultaneous recording and live streaming

Hybrid classrooms are equipped with Telycam PTZ cameras to capture teaching footage. By using the control panel on the podium, teachers can easily record and live stream at the same time.

Over the years of being a reputable live streaming PTZ camera and webcam vendor, we’ve produced different PTZ cameras that are used for different applications.

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