Live event —— The Malaysia’s largest NDI workshop in the 2022

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Macking Domain is a Malaysia-based company that was established in 2009, one of the most influencial professional post/production/TV station equipment supplier in Malaysia. They host Malaysia’s biggest NDI workshop and training in September.

The event discussed the latest workflow trends and deployments, as well as workshops and hands-on training. With the advent of 5G, traditional video production has grown even more, and Macking Domain has introduced a more advanced way of video production-the NDI/IP workflow. With the widespread use of the networking, NDI and IP has been introduced into video production to make it no longer restricted to the on-site studios.



Telycam PTZ camera can work seamlessly with other NDI products for AV productions, such as Tricaster,  KILOVIEW’s encoder, Brainstorm3D VR, NETGEAR’s network switches, vMix and so on. Meanwhile it also serves as an on-site camera to capture images, serving as an on-site supplementary camera to capture live images.

A professional webcam is also required in the demo, which can be used together with video production software such as vMix, to capture the main image of the speaker and as part of the live broadcast workflow with other participants.



In this event, we provided the Macking Domain with a full set of NDI series live streaming PTZ cameras ranging from 12X to 35X optical zoom, video conferencing webcam, and PTZ camera control keyboards to solve front-to-end video capture problem in the NDI workflow.

The only requirement is to connect a network cable through a network switch to build a complete NDI system. The PTZ cameras can also be connected to HDMI cable, so the video content can be displayed on the screen for synchronous monitoring of video production at the same time. There are many types of field devices, but one Telycam PTZ control keyboard can control all NDI PTZ cameras on site, which greatly simplifies field device management.

As you can see in the picture, the TLC-200M-U2-4K only requires one USB cable to support both power and video output. With the Telycam video conference webcam TLC-200M-U2-4K connected to vMixGo, operators were able to record their processing.



1.Adaptable to different scenarios

As a result of Telycam PTZ live streaming cameras, Macking Domain was able to provide their subscribers with crystal clear videos that had the right color reproduction and quality they desire.

The cameras with different zooms provided by Telycam made the scene arrangement more reasonable. For long-range shots, we used a 4K60 30x PTZ camera, while for close-ups, we used a 4K30 12xPTZ camera for shooting and recording.

2. Efficient workflow with NDI®

Compared to traditional video production workflows, Newtek’s NDI® creates a plug-and-play environment for various products and platforms in live streaming, making it possible to produce abundant and diverse live content. A single ethernet cable to realize power, video, control and Tally for the camera.


700 ndihx

Telycam 4K60 NDI®|HX 30X Camera

4K60 30X PTZ camera, multiple interfaces simultaneously output 4K UHD and Full HD resolution, ideal for professional live streaming applications.


Telycam PTZ control keyboard

With Telycam’s PTZ camera control keyboard, you can make the video production more convenient and smooth to enable control and adjust the image simply.


Telycam 4K 4K USB Webcam

It is a high level 4K Ultra HD USB2.0 webcam, no PSU requested, power/control/video from a single USB2.0 cable Build-in dual beamforming microphones, able to pick up distance 5 meters.

300 ndihx

Telycam 4K NDI®|HX 12X Camera

Shoots with a 4K 12x optical zoom lens and a proprietary focusing algorithm enable fast and precise focus performance when zooming or moving, to capture every detail of the scene.

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