House of worship —— St. George’s Church, Penang

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St. George’s Church is a 19th-century Anglican church in the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. It is the oldest purpose built Anglican church in Southeast Asia.

Establishing and updating AV video technology to create a church video production and live streaming system.

Through live streaming, the voice delivered by the church can be spread from inside to outside to expand the religous culture. For those christians who are unable to attend the event, this is undoubtedly the most effective and perfect way to participate in the event.

A house of worship live streaming is not as complicated as broadcast-level live streaming. Live streaming solution for the house of worship does not require so many complicated layouts and equipment. Choose Telycam PTZ cameras to simplify your operation process, and Telycam is very happy to provide professional live streaming solutions for your church as well.


• To capture every detail of the scene, a PTZ camera with a large optical zoom is required because the interior space of the church is large.

• To keep the interior space clean and beautiful, and to operate and control multiple cameras efficiently, the church requested that wiring must be simplified as much as possible.

• The church often holds special events such as weddings, christenings, etc., which requires the camera to be controlled precisely and adjusted instantly.

• Guaranteed ease of use, installation flexibility, and most importantly image quality of the complete live streaming solution.



• One 4K NDI®|HX PTZ camera TLC-700-IP-35-4K(NDI)

• One NDI® PTZ camera control keyboard TLC-50TC(NDI)

• A Tricaster, a control computer with two monitors, three ethernet cables, and a HDMI cable

house of worship 1
house of worship

The computer is connected to two monitors. One monitor shows the video production software and one monitor shows the camera control screen. The PTZ camera control keyboard is used to adjust the camera position and zoom.

NDI®|HX PTZ camera TLC-700-IP-35-4K(NDI), the Tricaster, and the control keyboard are used in conjunction with NDI® —— a video protocol that allows video signals to be instantly available over the network.

Through the Tricaster, the PTZ camera can be set, powered and operated. Not only that, the Tricaster also provides many social media integrations, which can directly live stream to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube™Live, and other live streaming platforms, simplifying the workflow.


1.Easy of use

Ease of use is one of the top considerations for house of worship. If the live streaming system is very complex, the training time and man power will also increase, which will be a huge burden and challenge for churches.

What Telycam can do is to provide these troubled and needy churches with a simple, easy-to-use operating system. Only one staff can use the PTZ camera control keyboard to control multiple PTZ cameras to reduce the number of staff and professionalism requirements.

2. Ultra HD Image Quality

Viewers’ viewing experience and their desire to watch are negatively affected by low-quality video. To attract audiences, increase the impact of the house of worship live streaming, and enhance information dissemination, ultra-high-definition image quality is necessary when choosing PTZ cameras.

Our users often use our 4K NDI®|HX PTZ camera TLC-700-IP-35-4K(NDI), not only because it is a product with a 35x optical zoom lens, but one in all our products of Telycam that can support up to 35x optical zoom, also features with most advanced image processing solution, truly 4K lens, to output 4K sharp image. The 35x large optical zoom lens can not only capture every detail of the large scenes but also provide high-quality close-up images even in long-distance shooting.

3. Simple installation

The PTZ camera can be easily installed anywhere you want, it can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, and mounted on tripods to reduce the space usage and the interference of the live operating system to the live event of the house of worship.


4K NDI® Camera TLC-700-IP-35-4K(NDI)

• 4K Ultra HD resolution

• 35x optical zoom

• NDI®|HX/ 3G-SDI/HDMI/USB3.0 Available

• Embed the Latest NDI ®|HX 5 SDK

• SRT supported

• Power over Ethernet


NDI® PTZ camera control keyboard

• Be able to control different brands of cameras

• Be able to use different protocols to control camera simultaneously: NDI/VISCA over IP/VISCA/ONVIF

• Simple and intuitive panel design to enable control and adjust the image simply

• Has a wide range of control interfaces: NDI/Ethernet, RS232, RS485, RS422

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