A New Partnership Blossoms: Tech Lobby and Telycam


August 22nd 2023 Shenzhen, China: Telycam (the brand of Telecam Technology Co., Ltd), has announced the partnership with Tech Lobby Inc. in the Sri Lanka market.

The initial encounter of Tech Lobby and Telycam was in April 2023. This introduction was followed by thorough camera testings, allowing Tech Lobby to get a firsthand experience of smooth and accurate AI-based auto-tracking and superior quality of the Telycam PTZ cameras. Fast-forward to June, Lisa Huang (Sales Director of APAC, Telycam) and Nuwan Welivita (Director of Tech Lobby) met at BCA (Singapore) to discuss potential collaboration. The goal was clear: to introduce Telycam’s vision and explore how both parties could work together effectively.

tech lobby

“My experience of working with Tech Lobby team has been a real pleasure, their expertise in broadcast level camera services and understanding of where our PTZ cameras stand in the ecosystem is inspiring and resonating. Our collaboration goes beyond merely providing and delivering products and solutions to the industry. Instead, it aims to elevate the playing field for our customers, big or small. ”

Lisa Huang, Sales Director of APAC Telycam

“We’re excited to partner with Telycam and love their complete solution of NDI workflow concerning PTZ camera and controller field, as well as the complemented AI based auto-tracking and Free D function of their Vision+ 4KN. We incorporated Telycam’s products into a project involving MBC & MTV Networks, prominent local broadcasting television stations, and received loads of positive feedback on its stability and image authenticity. And also, I’m looking forward to what Lisa mentioned last time we met, the upcoming 12G-SDI, this offers our customers a wide range of selections when it comes to different solutions.”

Nuwan Welivita, Director of Tech Lobby

About Telycam

Established in 2014, Telycam is an R&D-based PTZ camera provider which offers a complete line of NDI cameras, including the FULL NDI, certified NDI HX3, and UHD 4K60 broadcast level cameras, as well as cameras with auto-tracking and Free D features for cloud-based ProAV applications. Being dedicated to the video camera field for over a decade, Telycam has played an integral role in the Pro AV and broadcast industry.

About Tech Lobby

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