Telycam Partners with Mindstec to Support Its Global Connected PTZ camera Expansion

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August 2nd 2023 Shenzhen, China

Telycam, a leading R&D based PTZ camera provider augmenting quality, stability and flexibility of video broadcast and ProAV, is thrilled to announce enhancements to its global connected PTZ camera programming and advertising infrastructure by partnering with Mindstec Distribution starting from 1st of August, 2023. This alliance will mark the expansion of Telycam’s distribution network in India, amplifying its reach and influence in the pro audio-visual industry.

Founded in 2006, Mindstec Distribution specializes in procurement and distribution of high-end audio-visual system-solutions. This forward-looking company, a dominant force with 90+ dealers, specializes in PROAV and UC and currently offers products embracing NEWTEK, MAXHUB, etc., with its in-depth market knowledge, progressive and technological savvy team, aggressive marketing along with an establish network of regional partners.

At the INFOCOMM Asia in Thailand, a serendipitous encounter led us to a game-changing partnership. Originating as an unplanned connection, it swiftly blossomed into a dynamic collaboration. This partnership not only harnesses the formidable distribution capabilities of Mindstec, but also magnifies our joint influence, forging a compelling future in the realms of PROAV and UC.

Telycam presents an all-encompassing solutions, IP-based PTZ cameras and USB-based webcams, that align seamlessly with the business strategies of Mindstec. With a resolute commitment to innovation, Telycam has elevated its offerings by seamlessly integrating AI-based auto-tracking technology and Free D into their cameras, and more to come in Q3 and Q4, 2023.

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Lisa Huang, Sales Director of APAC, Telycam, expressed strong enthusiasm about the collaboration, “This May at InfoComm Asia, Aaron and I had a great chat with Sabarish and Syed Abdul Wahab after our demos of Telycam 4K60 NDI®|HX camera’s new features, auto-tracing and Free D. Mindstec has a solid grasp on everything related to AV, very specialized, resourceful, and proactive in its approach. By teaming up, using their marketing mojo, local channel skills, and the hard work from both our squads, we’re set to bring some seriously top-notch AV solutions to local end-users, studios, and companies.”

Sabarish.N, Managing Director of Mindstec, spoke highly of the partnership, “We’re excited about bringing the Telycam brand to India. Telycam’s pricing structure and market positioning are well-defined, and what truly stands out is their commitment to top-notch product quality and continuous innovation. Our company ethos and market initiatives align seamlessly with Telycam’s values. Our focus is on offering Telycam cameras in the upper-tier category, particularly catering to markets such as broadcasting, education, live events, and conferencing.”

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