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Online education, owing to its convenience, is now widely adopted by colleges and schools, especially under the current situation when covid-19 is still spreading. Supported by cloud technology, watching a live streaming session or rebroadcasting a lecture is possible on portable devices.


Cloud-based pan-tilt-zoom cameras stream and record lectures at the same time. Footage captured by our cameras can be sent directly to video streaming services and used without external converter. The content is recorded in formats that can be played on ordinary computers, allowing for the streamed session to be rebroadcast to users who were unable to view the live streaming, which makes knowledge sharing more convenient.

Why You Need PTZ Camera for Education Live Stream

Education Live Streaming

As the day goes by, learning is becoming more seamless than ever. Classes, training, and tutorials can be conducted from anywhere people are located via the use of cameras for live streams. Classes are as well recorded so that people who could not participate in the live session won’t miss out and also for reference purposes for students who would like to go through the lessons again. PTZ camera for classroom live streaming ​is very beneficial in cases of impromptu classes, tight schedules, or lockdown periods.

With Telycam PTZ cameras and webcams which are supported by cloud technologies, students and teachers can easily connect with themselves virtually and commence learning regardless of the constraint they might be facing. These cameras for teaching online support live streaming broadcasts and recording on portable devices.






Custom Various PTZ Cameras for Classroom Live Streaming

Customizing PTZ cameras to suit our customers’ needs is our topmost strength. We are capable of manufacturing different types of camera for online classes with several types of video outputs, connection interface, camera type, shape, color, lens, and mounting options.

Video Outputs and Connection Interface

We can manufacture a variety of education PTZ cameras with different video output and connection interface designs, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, NDI, NDI HX, HDMI, and SDI.

Classroom Camera Type, Shape, and Color

At Telycam, we manufacture different types of classroom cameras, including PTZs and webcams. And they can be designed to take different shapes and colors just as our customers like them.

Custom Lens Zoom

We work with Union Optech Co., Ltd, a reliable company that supplies lenses. Only custom-made lenses are used in our production, which makes us capable of manufacturing PTZ cameras that have high auto-focus and zooming abilities.

Flexible Mounting Options

we provide you with numerous types of flexible mounting brackets for PTZ cameras. They act as a support system and ensure that the cameras stay in position, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your virtual class.

Applications of Our Webcam and PTZ Camera in Video Streaming in Education

Our webcams and PTZ cameras are designed to provide superior classroom live streaming solutions, which has increased their applications in the education sector. Below are some of the ways they are used.

Education Live Streaming

Lecture Capture

Use PTZ camera to record classes is a great way to let students have access to all the materials that they need. Students can go to the internet anytime and get the materials they need.

Campus Event Streaming

Distance Learning

With Telycam cameras, learning is not restricted by distance. Students will have the opportunity of accessing any innovative courses or useful resources they need from all parts of the world. This also enables students to virtually visit a science lab or museum and have a first-hand experience of learning.

webcam for online classes

Campus Event Streaming

Event live streaming permits you to stream your campus events like end-of-the-year party, graduation, prom, and other ceremonies on various platforms to the students that are present and those who are in different locations.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

In virtual classrooms, there is quick response and easy collaboration like sharing of assignments, reports, debates, presentations, and using digital whiteboards. Telycam cameras provide a clear voice and image experience, hence an enjoyable virtual meeting.

Telemedicine Video Conferencing

Multi-Purpose Classroom

In multi-purpose classrooms, different spectacular learning opportunities are provided such as public speaking, conferences, and presentations. With Telycam cameras, there will be an easy transition between these events.

Features of Our PTZ Camera for Classroom Live Streaming

At Telycam, all our productions are made of high-quality raw materials, hence the manufacturing of high-performance PTZ camera &  webcam for online classes with outstanding features. Below are some of the features of our PTZ for classroom.

Easy to install and use

PTZ camera for classroom is very simple to set up and use. You won’t encounter any hassle at all in their applications. 


Best color reproduction

Optimized auto-focusing maintains high resolution. Our webcam for online classes is equipped with a unique balancing algorithm that produces the best color fidelity of environment.

Clear voice experience

Telycam PTZ cameras are designed to provide a clear voice experience for education live stream. They have superior speech technology that eliminates background voice and increases the volume of the human voice.

Excellent audio and video quality

Advanced pan-tilt system ensures more stable picture output. The audio and video quality of webcam for teaching is epic. Our cameras are capable of capturing ultra high-resolution (4K/1080p) audio and videos.

Quick response and no lags

PTZ camera for classroom guarantee flawless connection and real-time experience. There will be no lags and distortion, meaning that you won’t miss out on any part of the class.

Easy IP control

Our PTZ cameras can be connected with other media without using cables. You can easily make the connection via an IP network, which is relatively seamless.


Smooth transmission between different devices.  Also, they are compatible with numerous cloud systems software like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Slack. This enables group discussions and classes.

Superior Education Live Stream Solutions Telycam Can Provide for You

We don’t just manufacture cameras that offer the basic needs like other manufacturers. At Telycam, we produce high-standard cameras that provide you with superior education live stream solutions. Described below are some of the educational solutions you will get from collaborating with us.

PTZ Camera

This PTZ camera for live streaming education can pan, tilt, and zoom to produce clear voice and audio. It features fantastic qualities like higher image quality, superior color reproduction, and an extraordinary auto-focus zoom lens.

HD USB Webcam

Our solutions include high-grade webcams that can be attached to computers for education live streaming and video conferencing. In our webcam factory, we produce outstanding webcams that enable you to hear and see your colleagues and teachers clearly.

PTZ Controller

This gives you control over your camera. With it, you can navigate your PTZ camera anyhow you want. Amongst our PTZ controllers are USB PTZ joystick and remote control.


This is a long and strong cable that allows you to make use of your camera from a far distance. It supports the application of cameras in large spaces, like video conference cameras for a large room.

IR Remote Controller

The IR remote controller provides a fantastic solution for education live streaming. Just like the PTZ controller, it’s a device that’s used to control the camera, but it gains its power from light signals in an infrared range.

Why Telycam for Live Streaming Classroom PTZ Camera

Telycam is very conscious of the welfare of both students and lecturers, which is why in every of our production, we channel in features that will improve seamless learning like classroom live streaming. Here are some reasons why you should collaborate with us as your live streaming classroom PTZ camera manufacturer.

ISP Advanced Technology

This stands us out amongst other PTZ camera manufacturers. Our PTZ cameras feature an ISP technology that provides higher image quality, multiple optical zoom, better definition, better color reproduction, and more delicate picture quality. This ISP technology is not restricted by the US policy.

Quality Raw Materials

All the raw materials used in manufacturing our PTZ cameras are sourced from reliable material suppliers, such as Sony, Panasonic, Jsdoptical, Sunnyoptical, Bypo-star, Blestech, CECport, and Union Optech Co., Ltd.

Highest Quality Certificate

Due to the quality of the raw materials used, our cameras have a high-performance rate. They provide high image quality, high stability, low latency, great exposure control and focal length range, and rapid auto-focusing. This has earned us numerous recognition and certification from reputable organizations like CE, FCC, CNUK, UKCA, and RoHS.

Best Price

No other manufacturer provides high-standard PTZ cameras at affordable prices like us. We offer the best price on the market. Our cameras are manufactured to be affordable by the general public.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Environment (ISO 9001:2015)

We own a manufacturing environment that is approved by the International Standard Organization (ISO). All our customers’ orders (minimum order quantity of 50 pieces) are carried out here. The whole factory area is made up of 3 floors with the first floor measuring a total of 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

Collaborating with us is hassle-free. You won’t go through any stress in getting your orders fulfilled. In addition to that, we offer pre and after-sale services, and we also reply to questions quickly. Also, there is a three years warranty and a lifetime free upgrade benefit on every product bought from us.

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