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Why You Need Cameras for Sports and Esports Live Stream

PTZ camera for esport and sports live stream

Just like the classic saying, “if a tree falls, it must make a sound.” So also is any esport and sport that must be known. Esport and sport fans are always looking for more content and with PTZ cameras, their favorite games can be live-streamed. PTZ cameras for sports and esports help to capture ultra high-resolution images that provide the best experience and feeling to sports lovers.

The application of esports live stream and cameras for live streaming sports allow fans to be able to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their homes. Webcam and PTZ camera supplier Telycam provide the best webcams and cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom, thereby capturing various views throughout the game, including zooming in on players and every part of the pitch.






Custom PTZ Camera for Sports and Esports Live Streaming

Our greatest strength is customizing PTZ camera for sports to meet the needs of our customers. We can manufacture a variety of PTZ esports camera with different types of video outputs, connection interfaces, shapes, color, lens, and mounting designs.

Video Outputs and Connection Interface

We are capable of producing numerous types of camera for live streaming sports with each having different video output and connection interfaces, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, NDI, NDI HX, and SDI.

Camera Type, Shape and Color

At Telycam, we manufacture different types of cameras for live streaming sports and esports. And each of them can be colored and shaped. It all depends on the customer’s preference.

Custom Lens Zoom

We partner with Union Optech Co., Ltd, a reputable company that supplies lenses. We use high-customized lenses in our production, which improves our capability of manufacturing cameras that have high zooming qualities.

Flexible Mounting Options

Our customization strength extends to the mounting designs used in supporting your cameras. We can make numerous unique flexible mounting designs that suit each camera for sports & esports .

Applications of Telycam Webcam and PTZ Cameras for
Esports and Sports Streaming

An essential part of esport and sport growth is the application of cameras for game streaming. Telycam webcam and PTZ cameras are applied in several areas to provide the best audio-visual solutions for esport and sport lovers. Below are some of the areas where our sport and esport PTZ cameras for live streaming are used.

Live Streaming Esports

Live Streaming Esports

Esports streaming can only be enjoyed with a camera that offers ultra high-resolution, quick response, and does not lag. At Telycam, we provide high-grade webcams and PTZ cameras that offer high image quality and allow you and the other gamers to hear one another clearly without delay.

Esports Video Production

Create a Dynamic Esports Video Production

With an esport recording camera, dynamic esport videos are produced, featuring the highlights of each tournament. This can be used for adverts, as well as for record purposes. It can also be used to rekindle memories of gaming with friends.

Sports Event Live Streaming 1

Sports Event Live Streaming

Cameras for live streaming sports ensure that people at home don’t miss out on any part of their favorite sports. Telycam provides high-quality sports cameras, such as the best cameras to record soccer games, the best camera for recording baseball games, and other sports events.

Sports Video Conference Camera

Sports Broadcasting Solutions

Telycam webcams and PTZ cameras are used to provide sports broadcasting solutions to sports lovers. With sports recording cameras, fans can easily access every of their favorite games. Also, these cameras produce very clear images.

Features of Our PTZ Camera for Sports and Esports Live Stream

At Telycam, we manufacture flawless PTZ cameras that provide the best audio-visual experience in sports and esports streaming. Below are some of the outstanding features of our PTZ cameras.

Easy to install and use

Installing and operating our PTZ cameras for live streaming sports is very easy. You don’t need to be a professional camera personnel before you use them.

Clear voice experience

When manufacturing our esports camera, we equip them with superior speech processing technology that ensures that people can hear players clearly. It reduces background noise and enhances the human voice.

Best color reproduction

Our cameras are designed to produce the best image quality regardless of the environment they are exposed to. They feature proprietary image processing algorithms that produce the best color fidelity for esports streaming.

Quick response and no lags

Telycam PTZ cameras support quick responses and fast processing cameras that don’t lag in feedback. With these cameras, you will participate in the real-time event and hear athletes clearly.

Autofocus (zoom up to 35x)

The auto-focus capabilities of the PTZ camera for sports are unmatched. You can zoom in on images as much as 35x without compromising their quality.

Easy IP controls

Our PTZ cameras for sport and esport streaming can be connected to other media without the use of cables. With an IP network, you can make a seamless connection with other devices.

Joystick for pan, tilt, and zoom

  • A flexible joystick is attached to every camera for easy control. It helps in panning, tilting, and zooming the cameras to capture accurate images for esports live stream.

Make video production easier

Our PTZ cameras are the best video cameras for sports. They allow you to easily create dynamic esports and sports video production that would have high image quality, better definition, and better color reproduction.

Superior Camera Solutions Telycam Can Offer for
Esports Live Stream brand Recording Sports

Unlike other manufacturers, Telycam doesn’t produce cameras, rather we make high-standard  ptz camera for sports and esports streaming. Here are some of our extraordinary sports and esports live stream cameras that offer fantastic solutions.

PTZ Camera

PTZ camera for sports can be panned, tilted, and zoomed to capture accurate images. Some are a quick auto-focusing ability, ultra high-resolution, and excellent low-light performance. An example of this is our camera PTZ full HD.


As a reputable webcam manufacturer, Among our many solutions we provide high-grade webcams that allow users to hear and see athletes and game players clearly. They are designed with the best voice and image technologies.

PTZ Controller

We provide pan tilt controllers that allow you to navigate your camera in whatever direction you want. They give you control over your camera. Amongst our PTZ controller productions are a joystick and remote control.

Mount Bracket

At Telycam, we also provide PTZ corner mount bracket. that help to support the PTZ cameras and hold them in place. This allows you to sit comfortably and enjoy sports & esports live stream.


This is a long and strong cable that can be used for connection purposes in large spaces. It supports the use of a camera from a long-distance for esports and sports.

IR Remote Controller

The function of the IR remote controller is similar to the PTZ controller’s function. It is also used to control the PTZ camera, but it gains its power from light signals in an infrared range.

Why Choose Telycam for Live Streaming Camera for
Game and Sports Streaming

Over the years, we’ve proven to be the best manufacturer of live streaming cameras for games and sports by providing unmatched cameras. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your sports and esports live streaming camera manufacturer.

ISP Advanced Technology

The ISP technology in our PTZ cameras is the main component that stands us out and boosts the performance of our cameras. It makes the image quality to be higher, improves color reproduction, and supports multiple optical zoom. Our ISP technology is not restricted to the US standard.

Quality Raw Materials

We partner and source all our raw materials from reliable suppliers. Some of them are Sony, Panasonic, Jsdoptical, Bypo-star, CECport, Blestech, Sunnyoptical, and Union Optech Co., Ltd.

Highest Quality Certificate

As a result of using quality raw materials, our cameras have no choice but to perform highly. They provide low latency, great exposure, and excellent focal length range. This has earned us numerous recognition and certification from reputable organizations like CE, FCC, CNUK, UKCA, and RoHS.


At telycam, you will be shocked at the prices we sell our cameras; we offer the best price in the world. We consider the pockets of the general public in our pricing policy and make sure that everyone can afford our cameras.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Environment (ISO 9001:2015)

All our customers’ orders (minimum order quantity of 50 pieces) are manufactured in our PTZ camera factory which is certified by the International Standard Organization (ISO). It’s made up of three floors with the first floor measuring a total of 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

Collaborating with us is very easy and stress-free. In addition to providing custom services, we offer pre and after-sale services, including giving immediate replies to our customers’ questions. Also, our customers are guaranteed a three-year warranty and a lifetime free upgrade on all the products purchased from us.

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