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Why You Need Cameras for Politics, Enterprise, and Trial Live Streaming

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Live streaming with cameras is very important in politics as they provide a great way to enhance government interaction with the citizens. Politics live streaming makes the public aware of the real-time activities of the government. Also, with cameras, live stream politics video recordings can be made for record purposes and for people who missed the live event.

With the recent changes in corporate institutions where workers can now work from home, cameras are very beneficial for connection purposes, especially when there is a general meeting. Cameras provide enterprise video solutions by virtually bringing every member of the workforce together. This helps to save time, increase the productivity of workers, and reduce travel costs.

Cameras are not just needed in the courtroom to ensure optimal security, they are also used to display pieces of evidence on larger screens for everyone to see. They as well help with courtroom video recording and are used by witnesses who couldn’t make it to the court. With cameras, courtroom proceedings can be live-streamed for the whole world to watch.






Custom PTZ Camera for Politics, Enterprise, and Trial Streaming

At Telycam, we make a wide range of PTZ cameras, customizing them to fit into customers’ needs. We are capable of manufacturing custom PTZ cameras that provide optimal solutions for politics, enterprise, and trial streaming. Below are some of the specifications we make.

Video Outputs and Connection Interface

We make diverse types of PTZ cameras with different video outputs and connection interfaces like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, NDI, NDI HX, HDMI, SDI, and Ethernet.

Camera Type, Shape, and Color

Our capabilities include manufacturing different types of cameras that serve different purposes, such as politics live streaming, corporate live streaming, and courtroom live streaming. Also, they can be shaped and colored in your preferred style.

Custom Lens Zoom

We are the best because we only work with the best. All our raw materials, including the lens used in production are sourced from reputable companies. Our cameras are equipped with custom lenses that can be zoomed as much as 35x.

Flexible Mounting Options

At Telycam, we provide you with a variety of flexible mounting options that are specifically designed to support the weight of your camera. You can attach your camera to the flexible mount, relax, and let the camera do all the remaining work.

Applications of Telycam Webcam and PTZ Cameras for
Politics Live Streaming

Our webcam and PTZ cameras are used for different applications in politics. Below are some of the many ways they are used.

Live Council Meeting

Live Council Meetings

Our pan tilt zoom camera for live streaming meetings helps in improving strong transparency and growing public trust. Wherever council members are, they can easily join meetings and partake in decision-making.

Online International Summit

Online International Summits

Officials of different countries can attend summits virtually. Our webcams and PTZ cameras allow for more effective collaboration and communication than ever before as they can interact without flying over national borders.

Live Streaming Elected Official

Live Streaming with Elected Officials

Elected officials' primary aim is to serve the citizens which include giving periodic reports to the public on how the affairs under their watch are going. With Telycam webcams and cameras, the populace can live stream the election processes and listen to the speeches of elected officials.

Remote Participation in News

Remote Participation in News and Interview

Our webcams and cameras promote the realities of the digital world. Easy connections can be made with people to participate in news and interviews regardless of the location they are.

Applications of Telycam Webcam and PTZ Cameras for
Live Stream Trials

Our webcam and PTZ cameras are used for different applications in live streaming trials. Below are some of the many ways they are used.

Webcam for Live Stream Trials

Remote Hearings

Our cameras promote remote hearing as it enhances witness anonymity, public health mandates, security, and reduces costs. Most importantly, the identity of witnesses won’t be known, thereby protecting them.

trial live stream

Recording Court Proceedings

In most judicial systems, recording proceedings has become a common practice. Digital archiving helps to quicken the process of reviewing, analyzing, and reporting cases. Also, it ensures transparency as there is a recorded video to prove wrong motives.

Live Streaming Court Proceedings

Live Streaming Court Proceedings

Live streaming court proceedings allows the public to be able to watch how justice is being served from wherever they are located. Also, it increases the public confidence and trust in the judicial system. It showcases that there is transparency in the judicial sector.

Applications of Telycam Webcam and PTZ Cameras for
Corporate Video Solutions

Our webcam and PTZ cameras are used for providing many corporate video solutions. Below are some of the solutions they provide.

Video Conference

With our USB PTZ camera for video conferencing, workers can be brought together to have discussions. It allows team members to remain connected despite the fact that they are in different locations.

Live Streaming E-commerce

Telycam cameras have made it easy to promote businesses and sell products. You can showcase your products and services to the entire world in real-time. This is very helpful to startups.

Products Launch and Promotion

What is the essence of launching and promoting a product without letting the public know about it? Our cameras allow you to not only live stream the product launch and promotion but also record it for future purposes.

Remote Interview and Training

In recent times, a lot of interviews are conducted outside the office building. All that is needed is a Telycam webcam or PTZ camera for virtual interactions. The same thing applies to training; webinars are being conducted to replace physical training.

Remote Working

Staff working from a different location aside from the office can be contacted and communicated with via Telycam webcams and PTZ cameras. Our products provide excellent audio and video solutions, so there will be a quick response and no lag.

Features of Our PTZ Cameras for Politics, Enterprise
& Trial Live Streaming

At Telycam, we manufacture high-standard PTZ cameras that have outstanding features and provide unmatched solutions for politics, enterprise, and trial live streaming. Below are some of the features of our PTZ cameras.

Easy to install and use

Setting up and operating our PTZ cameras is very seamless. All the components are already put together; all you have to do is to plug and use them.

Clear voice experience

Our cameras have superior speech technology that suppresses environmental noise, making the human voice to be clear and loud.

Best color reproduction

The color fidelity of our cameras is top-notch. You will get clean and flawless images.

ISP technology

Our cameras are equipped with an ISP technology that encompasses the qualities of a super camera, such as higher image quality, better definition, and low latency.

Autofocus (up to 35x)

The auto-focusing capability of our cameras is very fast and strong. Our cameras can zoom in on images up to 35x without compromising their quality.

Easy camera control options

Controlling our cameras is very easy. There are various control options available, such as a flexible joystick and remote control.

Ultra high-resolution (4K/1080p)

Our PTZ cameras are built with high-quality components that support the capturing of ultra high-resolution images. It allows users to have a perfect view of the program they are streaming.


They are compatible with other devices. You can also connect them with numerous cloud-based applications, such as Skype, Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Superior Camera Solutions Telycam Can Provide for
Politics, Enterprise, and Trials

PTZ camera supplier Telycam doesn’t just manufacture cameras, rather we produce high-quality cameras that provide superior solutions for politics, enterprise, and trial live streaming. Described below are some of the premium cameras you can get from us to meet your politics, enterprise, and trial needs.

PTZ Camera

This is a camera that can be panned, tilted, and zoomed to capture accurate images and reveal images that are not easily noticed. At Telycam, we provide you with high-quality wholesale PTZ cameras that are equipped with outstanding qualities.


Our capabilities include the manufacturing of webcams that are usually used in video conferencing. As a webcam manufacturer, we provide you with outstanding webcams that allow you to see and hear everyone clearly. They are also compatible with numerous video conferencing software.

PTZ Controller

The PTZ controller enables you to gain control of your camera. It is a powerful and advanced device that provides control solutions. With it, you will navigate your camera anyhow you want.


This cable enables you to operate your camera from a long distance. The cable is pretty long and curbs the restriction of camera application in large halls. It is used for politics live streaming, enterprise live streaming, and trial live streaming.

Mount Bracket

We provide you with a mount bracket that serves as a support system for holding your camera in position. At Telycam, you can get a variety of these. Amongst them is the camera ceiling mount bracket.

IR Remote Controller

The IR remote controller provides a fantastic solution for politics, enterprise, and trial live streaming. It’s a device that’s used to control the camera, but it gets its power from feeding on light signals in an infrared range.

Why Choose Telycam for Live Streaming Cameras for Politics,
Enterprise, and Trials

For many years now, Telycam has remained as the best manufacturer of live streaming cameras for politics, enterprise, and trials. And this is because of our continual production of high-quality webcams and PTZ cameras that provide extraordinary solutions in these industries. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your webcam and camera manufacturer.

ISP Advanced Technology

This is the core component of our webcams and PTZ cameras that differentiate them from the products of other manufacturers. The ISP technology provides higher image quality, better color reproduction, better definition, and multiple optical zoom. This technology is not limited by the US policy.

Quality Raw Materials

All the raw materials that make up our webcams and cameras are sourced from reputable suppliers, like Sony, Panasonic, Bypo-star, CECport, Blestech, Jsdoptical, Sunnyoptical, and Union Optech Co., Ltd. This allows us to produce high-quality products, and for that, we’ve earned several certificates from recognized organizations like CE, FCC, RoHS, CNUK, and UKCA.

Unique Appearance

All our products are uniquely designed. We don’t plagiarize the designs and styles of other manufacturers’ products. Our webcams and cameras are manufactured based on the specifications of our customers to ensure that it suits their application.

Best Price

Our products are manufactured to be compact, discreet, and above all, very affordable for everyone. We offer the best price on the market. You don’t have to break the bank before owning our products.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Environment (ISO 9001:2015)

All our products (minimum order quantity of 50 pieces) are manufactured in our ISO certified factory, which consists of three floors with the first floor measuring a total of 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

In addition to providing custom services, we reply to all our customers’ questions quickly and offer them free pre and after-sale services. Also, our customers enjoy a three years warranty and a lifetime free upgrade on all products bought.

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