High-quality, affordable, and real-time cameras that provide live streaming solutions in the house of worship.

Why You Need Cameras for Live Streaming Church Services

House of Worship Live Streaming

Houses of worship have started using video cameras for church service to provide live stream solutions for church members. This strategy helps to extend their reach among worshippers and members who could not attend the service in person. Also, live streaming camera for church are used when there is an overflow and the church space cannot accommodate everyone.

PTZ camera company Telycam, a leading manufacturer of NDI PTZ cameras provides top-notch church streaming camera that offer the best view with clear voices and images. These church live stream cameras support smooth connection, give quick responses, and don’t lag. This enables people to be able to participate and enjoy church services wherever they are.






Custom PTZ Camera for Church Live Streaming

Telycam is a reliable manufacturer of PTZ cameras for live streaming church services. We are capable of producing whichever camera spec you want. Our capabilities include a wide range of video outputs & connection interfaces, camera type, shape, color, lens, and mount designs for church streaming camera.

Video Outputs and Connection Interface

We manufacture several types of cameras for live streaming church with different video outputs and connection interfaces, which includes USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, NDI, NDI HX, HDMI, and SDI.

Camera Type, Shape, and Color

At Telycam, we manufacture numerous types of cameras, including video cameras for church service live streaming. And they can be shaped and colored according to your preference.

Custom Lens Zoom

Just like the lens we use in manufacturing our PTZ cameras for church, all our raw materials are sourced from trusted companies. This enhances our abilities to produce live streaming cameras for churches that can be zoomed up to reveal intricate details.

Flexible Mounting Options

We offer a variety of flexible mounting options that can support the weight of your camera. With this in place, you will confidently and comfortably sit back for your church streaming camera to do all the work.

Applications of Telycam Webcam and PTZ Cameras for
Live Streaming Church

Our webcams and PTZ cameras are designed to provide superior live streaming solutions in churches, which has made them applicable in so many areas. Here are some of the popular applications.

Church Wedding Streaming

Church Event Streaming

Church live stream camera enables you to stream your church events like weddings, ordinations, naming ceremonies, and other ceremonies on various platforms for record purposes and for those who are not present to witness the event.

Live Streaming House of Worship

Live Streaming House of Worship

Our live streaming PTZ cameras and webcams are used to make people who could not make it to the church participate in the service. Also, church live stream camera can be used to record church services so that members who could not partake in the live service will have access when they are free.

PTZ Camera for Live Streaming Church

Speech in Church Hall

Telycam webcams and PTZ cameras are also used to live stream and record speeches in church halls. Webcam for church provide a clear sound and image. It would seem as if the speech was done in a studio filled with magnifying devices.

Features of Our PTZ Cameras for Church Live Streaming

At Telycam, we manufacture high-quality PTZ church live streaming cameras that can be used to stream and record church services. Here are a few of the outstanding features of our PTZ streaming cameras for church.

Easy to install and use

Our PTZ cameras for churches are very easy to install and use. In fact, one single person can control multiple cameras from one standpoint, so you don’t need many camera personnel.

Best color reproduction

Cameras for church streaming are built with proprietary image processing algorithms that ensure high image quality, even in bad lightened conditions.

Clear voice experience

PTZ camera for live streaming church is built with superior speech processing technology which reduces background noise and increases the volume of the human voice.

Optimal zoom (up to 35x)

Live stream cameras for churches are made up of advanced lenses that possess powerful autofocus capabilities. You can zoom in on images up to 35x and they won’t get blurry.

Excellent audio and image quality

Telycam provides the bes tchurch cameras for live streaming with audio-visual solutions. You will be able to hear every word clearly and the images will be super clear as well.

Easy camera control options

Controlling church live stream camera is very easy as there are several control options available. A few of them are a flexible joystick and remote control.

Easy IP control

Our video cameras for church service live streaming can be connected with other media without using cables. The connection can be made through an IP network, which is very easy.


Camera for live streaming church service is also compatible with other devices and popular cloud system software like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Superior Church Live Stream Camera Solutions Telycam Can Provide

Other than manufacturing webcams like other manufacturers, Telycam produces great PTZ cameras that provide superior church live stream solutions. Below are some of the live streaming cameras for church that you can get from us.

PTZ Camera

This is a camera that can be panned, tilted, and zoomed to capture accurate images. It features many outstanding features like rapid auto-focusing, ultra-high resolution, and impressive low-light performance. An example of this camera is the 4K conference camera.


Our numerous solutions include providing webcams for church live streaming. As one of the best web camera suppliers, we provide you with outstanding webcams for church service live streams. They offer high voice and image experience.

PTZ Controller

This is a device that allows you to control your camera anyhow and anywhere you want for church, including panning, tilting, and zooming. We provide numerous PTZ controller options; amongst them are PTZ remote control and joystick.

Mount Bracket

We also provide churches with mount brackets that help to support your camera and ensure that it stays in place while you sit back and let it do all the work. Common examples of our PTZ mounting brackets are wall mount camera brackets and pole mount camera brackets.


The PTZ USB cable is a long and durable wire that supports the use of your camera from a long-distance. It is commonly used in large rooms.

IR Remote Controller

Just like the function of the PTZ controller, this device also helps in controlling the camera. The IR remote controller is a handheld wireless device that uses light signals in a church to control the camera.

Why Choose Telycam for Live Streaming Camera for Church

At Telycam, we are so much concerned about the live streaming of church services and recording for all members, especially those who are in different locations. As a result, we manufacture cameras that have fantastic features and give them the best church live stream possible. Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your PTZ camera supplier.

ISP Advanced Technology

This is the core component of our PTZ cameras for churches. It encompasses outstanding properties that provide high-quality images, better color reproduction, better definition, and multiple optical zoom. Our ISP technology is not limited by the US rule.

Quality Raw Materials

We partner with several raw material companies that supply us with all the needed components for our cameras for church streaming. Some notable names are Panasonic, Sony, CECport, Bypo-star, Blestech, Sunnyoptical, and Union Optech Co., Ltd.

High Performance

Our streaming cameras for churchs are known for their high-performance. They offer extremely high image quality and stability, reduced latency, good exposure control and focal length range, as well as fast auto-focusing. As a result, we’ve earned certificates like CE, FCC, CNUK, UKCA, and RoHS.


All our live streaming camera for church are sold at affordable prices; no other manufacturer provides high-quality PTZ cameras at cheap prices like us. We manufacture cameras that are affordable to the general public.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Environment (ISO 9001:2015)

We have an ISO certified manufacturing factory where all our customers’ orders (minimum order quantity of 50 pieces) are fulfilled. Our factory consists of three floors, with the first floor having a total dimension of 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

Working with us is very easy and enjoyable. In addition to providing custom services, we offer pre and after-sale services and respond to questions quickly. Also, every church live stream camera purchased from us comes with a three-year guarantee and a lifetime free upgrade.

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