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Real-time, high-quality, and affordable PTZ cameras that provide live streaming solutions.

Make Live Streaming Affordable and Seamless

Live streaming selling is a trendy way of online visual marketing, and is proven to be more cost-effective than traditional model. This is especially true for small businesses. Compared with the traditional selling model, live streaming selling wins in several aspects, including the ability to reach an extended group of target audience, convenience of operating with several portable devices, cutting costs and much more.


With the help of a cloud-based live streaming PTZ cameras, effective online visual marketing can be easily achieved. Real-time interaction is maintained through high video  resolution, color fidelity, low latency and simultaneous streaming and recording.

Why You Need PTZ Cameras for Live Streaming

esports live stream

Events are live-streamed so that people who could not be present can participate from wherever they are. Also, it’s done for record purposes. But all this labor will be in vain if high-quality cameras that are capable of offering accurate and clear audio-visual solutions are not used. To enjoy a live-streamed program, the voice and video must be vividly clear.

PTZ camera supplier Telycam, as a leading supplier of cameras, provides premium cameras that can be used for different live streaming purposes, such as education live stream, esports live stream, telehealth video conferencing, etc. This allows you not to miss out on any of your favorite programs as you can comfortably participate live from the comfort of your abode.






Applications of Telycam Live Streaming Cameras

Over the years of being a reputable live streaming PTZ camera and webcam vendor, we’ve produced several cameras that are used in different applications. Below are a few of the numerous applications of our live streaming PTZ cameras.

Esports Live Streaming

Esports Live Streaming

The best set of cameras are used in the world of competitive video games to get all the action buzz. With Telycam cameras, your esports live stream experience will be taken to the next level; you will feel like you are in the game.

Sports Event Live Streaming

Sports Event Live Streaming

With Telycam cameras, you will enjoy viewing your sports without going to the stadium. The cameras capture the whole field and can zoom in on players.

Broadcast Live Streaming

Livestream Studio PTZ

Telycam PTZ cameras are also used in live streaming studio events, such as radio and podcast. Audiences are allowed to see the activities going on in the studio in real-time.

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Telemedicine Surgical Live Streaming

This is a telehealth video conferencing that entails live streaming ongoing surgical procedures. This is usually done to allow the specialized health practitioners to have a real-time view and give advice. It also helps family members of the patient to see the whole process.

Education Live Streaming 1

Live Streaming for Education

With Telycam cameras, education live stream has become more popular as students and lecturers can now have their classes without being physically present in the same building. Also, it permits that classes are recorded for the easy access of students and record purposes.

trial live stream

Live Stream Trials

Using our live streaming cameras, trial hearings are live-streamed and recorded for everyone to watch how justice is administered. This permits people who are unable to make it to the court to still witness due proceedings.

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Camera for Live Streaming YouTube

This is specifically applicable to people who post content on YouTube. With our live streaming cameras, you can provide your subscribers with crystal clear videos that will have the right color reproduction and quality that you desire.

Music Live Streaming

Camera for Streaming Music

Our cameras can as well be used to live stream music either in the studio, or in-house and on-stage performances. Telycam cameras bring out the quality of the voice and every sound produced.

Live Streaming E-commerce

Live Streaming E-commerce

Promoting your brand and selling your products have become easier with Telycam cameras. You can make a live stream of your products and services for the whole world to see. This is very beneficial for startups.

PTZ Camera for Live Streaming Church

PTZ Camera for Live Streaming Church Services

Telycam PTZ live streaming cameras are also applied in the church to live stream services. This is beneficial to people who want to connect with the service from different places.

Superior PTZ Camera System for Live Streaming

At Telycam, we manufacture superior wholesale PTZ cameras that are unmatched. We only make use of high-quality materials, which transcend into high performance cameras. Described below are some of our PTZ camera systems for live streaming.

PTZ Camera

This is a pan, tilt, and zoom camera that is designed to capture clear images and videos. It is equipped with numerous fantastic features, such as ultra-high resolution, impressive low-light performance, quick auto-focusing, etc. A very popular example of this camera is the 4K PTZ camera.

HD USB Webcam

This is a video camera that’s connected to the computer for easy streaming of videos in real-time. It is designed to be very small, yet very effective in providing crystal clear videos.

PTZ Controller

Pan tilt zoom controllers are devices that are used to control the camera. They feature a simple and easy to understand design, which helps in controlling the camera.

Mount Bracket

A mount bracket is a support system for cameras while they are in use. It holds the camera in place while you sit back to enjoy your live streaming event. Examples are ceiling mount camera bracket and wall mount camera bracket.


This is a cable that is used to curb long-distance barriers in the usage of cameras. It eases connectivity and allows you to live stream with your camera even from a far distance. It is very applicable for video conferencing PTZ cameras in large rooms.

IR Remote Controller

The IR remote controller is also used to control the camera. It is a handheld device that uses infrared light signals to control the camera within a room.

Why Choose Telycam Cameras for Live Streaming

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