High-quality, professional, and real-time telemedicine cameras that ease healthcare operations.

Efficient Assistance to Distant Healthcare

Demand for remote healthcare services has been fiercely increasing in the last few years, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Finding innovative and efficient means to manage costs, deliver high-quality care, and maximize use of skilled resources is particularly important for healthcare organizations.


The adoption of HD live streaming cameras in telemedicine assists healthcare professionals in focusing on patient care and medical development. It allows them to provide services to distant patients, it facilitates collaboration and training between healthcare professionals, and allows for the creation of simulation labs and multi-room training environments.

Why You Need High Quality HD Telemedicine Cameras

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Telehealth video conferencing is a convenient option that gives patients access to a doctor without visiting any medical facility. This is very beneficial to people who are in critical conditions and probably can’t move, as well as people who are limited by distance. They are attended to via virtual means. In administering healthcare in this format, HD telemedicine cameras that provide high-quality audio and visual solutions are needed in order to get a clear voice and image without any distortion.


The adoption of high-quality HD telemedicine cameras allows healthcare professionals to provide patients with rapid diagnosis and treatment which helps to prevent worsened cases. PTZ camera supplier Telycam provides premium HD cameras that are capable of panning, tilting, and zooming to capture intricate details in order to offer the best medical care.






Custom Various Camera for Telemedicine in Telycam

Telycam is a reliable telemedicine camera factory that manufactures several specs of cameras for telehealth. No matter the type of video output, connection interface, camera-type, shape, color, lens, or mount design that you need, we are capable of manufacturing them.

Video Outputs and Connection Interface

We can manufacture a wide range of telemedicine cameras with different video outputs and connection interfaces, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, NDI, NDI HX, HDMI, and SDI.

Telemedicine Camera Type, Shape and Color

At Telycam, we manufacture different types of cameras, including PTZ cameras、Webcam for telemedicine applications. Also, they can be shaped and colored in your preferred style.

Custom Lens Zoom

We have a long-standing collaboration with reputable companies like Union Optech Co., Ltd who supply us with quality lenses, which makes us capable of manufacturing telemedicine cameras that can be zoomed up to 35x.

Flexible Mounting Options

At Telycam, we provide you with several types of flexible mounting options that carry the weight of your camera, thereby allowing you to sit and comfortably use your camera.

Applications of Our Webcam and PTZ Camera in Telemedicine

We are a reputable PTZ camera and webcam wholesale manufacturer. Our products have high-quality features and benefits, which make them have numerous applications in the health industry. Amongst their diverse applications are:

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High-Quality Medical Video Consultations

Telemedicine Video consultations replicate the feeling of in-person conversation. When patients can see your face and hear you clearly, they would be comfortable expressing themselves better, hence a better diagnosis and treatment.

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Remotely Monitor Surgery Live Streaming

With our live streaming PTZ camera, live surgery solutions can be provided. The patient’s family will be privileged to monitor the surgical process in real-time. Also, it allows you to record, access, and share images of the surgery in the patient’s file.

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Medical Online Training & Seminars

Online Medical training and seminars pull more crowds because of the convenience they provide. With Telycam’s camera, the speaker will have better convenience in increasing the speed of the video, editing with live streaming, and video recording.

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Effective Group Video Meeting

Our PTZ video conference camera USB like the USB 2.0 PTZ camera enables medical group video meetings notwithstanding the location of the participants. It brings everyone together in one place. This enhances team collaboration and prioritizing of tasks.

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Remotely Monitor Patients

Instead of physically monitoring patients, the job can be done by a Telycam camera, while you occupy yourself with other tasks. This supports multi-tasking and simplifies your workflow.

Features of Our PTZ Cameras and Webcam for Telemedicine

At Telycam, we manufacture high-quality HD PTZ cameras and Webcam that are used in the healthcare sector to offer the best treatment. Below are some of the features of our telemedicine cameras.

Easy to install and use

  • How to set up our PTZ telehealth cameras is not difficult. They are very simple to install and use by everyone, even by an illiterate.

Superior color fidelity

Our telehealth cameras have high resolution, thereby providing you with the exact image and color that would be gotten if it were to be a physical treatment.

4K high resolution video and audio quality

Telycam cameras provide the best audio-visual solutions. The webcam for telemedicine will be clear and you will be able to hear other people’s voices clearly without straining your ears.

Quick response and no lags

  • You will get a response from the other user(s) quickly and you won’t miss out on any part of the conversation.

Easy IP controls

Our telehealth cameras can be connected to other media without the use of cables. You can easily connect them via an IP network, which is very seamless.

Joystick for pan, tilt and zoom focusing

Telycam cameras for telemedicine come with a flexible joystick that allows the easy panning, tilting, and zooming of the cameras.

Optical zoom (up to 35x)

Our cameras have great zooming capabilities. With Telycam cameras, you can get up to 35x zooming without the image getting blurry.

Easy camera control options

It’s pretty easy to control our camera for telemedicine as there are diverse options available. Amongst them are a flexible joystick and remote control.

Superior Telehealth Video Conferencing Solutions that Telycam Can Provide

Telycam is a prominent telehealth cameras manufacturer that produces diverse types of cameras that provide superior telehealth video conferencing solutions. Described below are some of the telemedicine cameras you can get from us.

PTZ Camera

The PTZ camera is capable of panning, tilting, and zooming to get accurate images and videos. As a PTZ camera factory, our telemedicine cameras are manufactured to have outstanding qualities like 4K ultra-high definition, quick auto-focusing, and superior color fidelity.

HD USB Webcam

This is a USB 2.0 HD UVC webcam that can pick up to 5 distance meters of images and videos clearly. It’s a webcam with mic and speaker, which guarantees that every word of the users are heard.

PTZ Controller

Pan tilt controllers are advanced and powerful camera control solutions that enable easy control of the camera. They have a simple and clear design which boosts their control.

Mount Bracket

One of the numerous telehealth camera solutions you can get from us is our diverse type of mount bracket, including a wall mount camera bracket. You mount your cameras on them while you sit and watch.


This is a cable that supports long-distance application of your telemedicine camera as it eases connectivity. PTZ cable supports the option of operating your telemedicine camera from nearby or a far distance.

IR Remote Controller

The IR remote controller is one of our seamless telehealth camera solutions that can be used to control your camera. It’s a handheld wireless device used to control the camera within a room using light signals in the infrared range.

Why Telycam as Your Telemedicine Camera Manufacturer

Over the years, we’ve proven to be the best telemedicine camera manufacturer in the world by producing premium cameras that cannot be matched. Below are some of the reasons why you should have us as your telemedicine camera manufacturer.

ISP Advanced Technology

This is the main element that makes our cameras stand out amongst others. With the ISP technology, you’ll get multiple optical zoom, higher image quality, better definition, better color reproduction, and more delicate picture quality for telemedicine. Our ISP technology is not under the constraint of the US policy.

Quality Raw Materials

At Telycam, we only make use of quality raw materials for telemedicine camera and they are sourced from reliable chip material suppliers, such as Sony, Panasonic, Bypo-star, CECport, Blestech, Union Optech Co., Ltd, Sunnyoptical, and Jsdoptical.

Highest Quality Certificate

Telycam telemedicine cameras are manufactured with quality raw materials which makes them perform extraordinarily. They provide high image quality, high stability, easy installation & operation, low latency, excellent exposure control, focal length range, and rapid auto-focusing. This has earned us several certificates like CE, FCC, RoHS, CNUK, and UKCA.

Best Price

One of the outstanding benefits that you will gain from us is the best price on the market. All our telemedicine cameras are manufactured to be very affordable by everyone, as well as being compact, discreet, and portable for easy use.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Environment (ISO 9001:2015)

We have an ISO-approved manufacturing factory where we produce our unique telemedicine cameras with the minimum order quantity being 50 pieces. The factory has three floors with a first floor area of 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

You won’t go through any hassle while dealing with us as we provide all the custom services you need, including quick response to your questions, pre and after-sale services, three years warranty, and a lifetime free upgrade for all products bought.

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