Live event —— Brainstorm VR Training

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It is the annual meeting of Brainstorm APAC resellers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at which Brainstorm train their resellers on new product developments, showcasing Suite 5.1 and releasing Suite 5.2 with PTZ cameras, new products versions, designed to enhance the creation and workflow of XR content.

Brainstorm, a leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics, XR/VR/AR, and virtual studio solutions, will showcase a complete Virtual Production/XR solution, and real-time virtual content with PTZ cameras and professional live-broadcast cameras.

brainstorm training 2
brainstorm training


For the meeting, a Telycam PTZ camera will be used to demonstrate how VR technology and PTZ cameras can be used together. In addition, the PTZ camera needs to undertake the task of video collection, and live streaming to the FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE platform, allowing other professionals who cannot reach the scene to attend the meeting at the same time.


brainstorm training 1
brainstorm training QA

Obviously, NDI PTZ Camera is an indispensable part of video production workflows. It simplifies the workflow and makes the video production process more efficient.

Thus, We recommended the Telycam 4K NDI®|HX 35X Camera TLC-700-IP-35-4K(NDI) camera as main broadcast PTZ camera, which was installed upside-down on the ceiling, and presets were set up to shoot the entire training site overhead. Another Telycam 4K NDI®|HX 35X Camera TLC-700-IP-35-4K(NDI) camera was installed on a tripod to complement the Brainstorm system for the demonstration.

In addition, multiple broadcast types of equipment were used simultaneously such as TriCaster, Brainstorm system, Wirecast and much more. Each Telycam PTZ camera supports two simultaneous video outputs, allowing one person to easily detect footage on the monitor and also live streaming video and audio through the software and hardware to the live-streaming distribution platform.


1.ONE PUSH white balance

One Push white balance is one of the most practical and convenient functions on Telyam PTZ cameras. The white balance mode allows Brainstorm’s staff to quickly re-adjust the white balance before the event to adapt to the current complex lighting environment to get the perfect image.

2. Custom mounting installation

Tripod: Mounting cameras on a tripod to get the perfect angle in various locations.

Celling mount: mounted on the celling with a celling-mount bracket TLC-C11


TLC 700 IP 35 4KNDI white

Telycam 4K NDI®|HX 35X Camera

4K 35X PTZ camera, multiple interfaces simultaneously output 4K and HD resolution, ideal for professional live streaming application.

TLC C11 1

Celling Monut: TLC-11C

This ceiling mount bracket allows the camera to be mounted upside down on the ceiling as well as flush mounted.

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