NDI Bridge

NDI is the widely-used solution for live streaming, post production or any other scenarios in the broadcast industry within local ethernet. NDI Bridge, developed by NDI.tv, allows your connection to other NDI sources no matter where they are.

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Now the NDI bridge enables all NDI functions to be controlled and managed via remote participants through public internet, including video, Alpha Channel, multiple audio, metadata, KVM, TALLY, PTZ control.


NDI bridge connects different NDI network effectively and securely, no matter where you are in the world or how many NDI sources you have. It is a revolutionary tool to make the whole world your studio.


Now let’s take a closer look of this tool.

1. Download the NDI Tools version 5.0 at NDI.tv

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Click the Bridge tool and you’ll find the 3 major modes, HOST, JOIN, and Local.

2. To share your NDI bridge, select HOST

Input the name of the NDI signal groups you would like to share, or leave it blank to share all public NDI signals

Name the NDI Bridge system

The Public IP Address in the HOST will be entered automatically, so participants can connect to it through NDI Bridge

You need the PORT number entered by port forwarding of your router, to allow external Bridge connection

Encryption Key uses AES256 to secure your connection. We suggest the Key should be more than 16 characters or let it generate automatically.

Quickly clicking the clipboard icon to copy the information and share it to remote participants.

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Encoder Settings will affect the bandwidth and quality of NDI source output

Bandwidth: This will present the bandwidth conditions of NDI Bridge

Status: This will present important information related to NDI Bridge connections

Click START to start your Bridge connection

Note: Click ”?” icon on top will show off helpful information

3. To join a remote NDI Bridge, select Join.

Copy the Server IP Address, Server Port and Encryption Key from the HOST system.

Click JOIN to connect Bridge Host remotely.

Now as the NDI bridge is active, thanks to its bi-directional function, both sides of NDI signals can be monitored remotely

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Source: NDI Bridge

4. To transcode your local NDI streams, select Local.

The Local mode allows all sources on your network or group to transcode into NDI sources in real time, using the NDI Bridge as a proxy.

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Source: NDI Brodge

Input the NDI source Name into the groups you would like to share.

Name the device or application you’d like to transcode into NDI source

Click Start to start transcoding.

5. About Telycam NDI PTZ cameras

Telycam has a full line of NDI PTZ cameras, including High Bandwidth NDI, NDI HX2, and the latest NDI HX3 certified by NDI.

For High Bandwidth NDI PTZ camera, please refer to TLC-300-IP-20-FNDI

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Source: Telycam

For NDI HX2 PTZ cameras, we have max resolution of 4K60, 4K30, 1080p60, and optical zoom ranging from 35x, 30x, 20, 12x. To best suit your needs, please refer to: www.telycam.com/products

For NDI HX3 PTZ cameras, we have 2 models and below are the key specs of them:

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NDI Bridge, an incredible technology developed by NewTek, has made the transmission of large videos of high quality through a network of multiple devices possible, without any hassle. NDI Bridge are highly effective in several industries – from classrooms to courtrooms, they can be employed anywhere for recording high-quality content and transmitting it over standard computer networks.


Through this article, we have informed you about everything there is to the NDI technology——NDI Bridge. For wholesale PTZ camera purchase, get in touch with us – the best webcam & PTZ camera manufacturer, Telycam!


Interested in what Telycam NDI PTZ cameras can do for your next project? Contact us via  sales@telycam.com for more information or an online demo.

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