Introducing: Telycam Explore SE

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At the IBC Show 2023 in RAI Amsterdam, Telycam proudly debuted Explore SE, the first-generation flagship PTZ camera, boasting a powerful 1/1.8” inch CMOS sensor with 9MP resolution and an impressive 30x optical zoom with a wide 60° horizontal field of view. This camera ensures seamless and crystal-clear UHD video transmission and boasts exceptional features including 12G-SDI, Genlock, native Free-D, and auto-tracking support, rendering it superbly suitable for a broad spectrum of broadcast applications, ranging from newsrooms and production studios to live sports events. The Explore SE guarantees exceptional performance and versatility, making it a prime choice for professionals seeking top-notch visuals and unparalleled broadcasting capabilities.

12G-SDI, Genlock and 3G-SDI for Cropping


Telycam Explore SE is a genuine broadcast-level UHD PTZ camera by incorporating 12G-SDI and Genlock capabilities. It seamlessly integrates into your existing broadcast infrastructure, ensuring effortless compatibility. AV over IP has undoubtedly revolutionized the ProAV and Broadcast industry, but some broadcasters still favor the single coaxial cable for its reliability, low latency, and high data rate.

3G-SDI supports up to 3 gigabits per second (Gbps) for high-definition video, while 12G-SDI handles up to 12 Gbps, catering to ultra-high-definition formats like 4K at 60 fps and 8K. The latter ensures superior image quality and resolution, making it ideal for demanding applications where top-notch video transmission is essential. In multi-camera setups, precise synchronization of video sources is crucial, and Genlock ensures cameras and devices capture video frames perfectly in sync, guaranteeing seamless recordings and simplifying post-production editing. In addition, Explore SE empowers 3G-SDI interface that supports an extra FHD cropping from any point of the entire 4K video shot being output, simulating different camera shots without the need for additional camera units. The crop function can be easily controlled via Telycam WebUI and OSD menu.

Simultaneous Video Output by Full NDI and NDI|HX

Despite transitional SDI and HDMI 4K60P video transmission, Telycam Explore SE is developed to support simultaneous IP-based Full NDI and NDIHX outputs, offering enhanced flexibility and compatibility in various broadcasting and live production scenarios.

Full NDI ensures high-quality, low-latency video streaming over IP networks, guaranteeing optimal performance for professional applications. Simultaneous support for NDIHX introduces increased adaptability, enabling users to select the output mode based on network conditions. 

various interfaces

This dual-output capability caters to diverse production setups, addressing both high-quality, high-bandwidth requirements and situations where bandwidth conservation is crucial—an exceptionally versatile solution for broadcasters and content creators.

SFP+ Transmission


Another captivating innovation of Explore SE is its incorporation of SFP+ connectivity. This technology delivers exceptional data transfer speeds and extended distances, making it a perfect choice for expansive productions, outdoor events, or scenarios demanding long cable runs.

For mission-critical applications, the redundancy options provide an extra layer of reliability, security, and immunity to interference, presenting a robust solution for various environments. 

The scalability of SFP+ connectivity future-proofs the network, easily adapting to evolving bandwidth demands without overhauls. Furthermore, its compatibility with the existing infrastructure seamlessly enhances video capabilities, ensuring a smooth integration with the current setup.

Free-D for your virtual production

FreeD has been officially adopted and seamlessly operates via UDP, NDI|HX and 12G-SDI in Telycam Explore SE. When paired with Genlock, it achieves unparalleled 3D tracking, providing precise accuracy for advanced-level production.

The Free-D protocol leverages strategically positioned high-resolution and agile PTZ cameras to capture scenes from multiple angles, accurately tracking the camera’s position, direction, and zoom data.

free d

The integration of real-time camera data with graphics creates immersive and interactive virtual experiences, revolutionizing sports broadcasts with dynamic playback and highlighting key moments. Beyond sports, Free-D finds applications in entertainment production, fueling live shows and captivating VR experiences. As technology advancements reduce costs and viewers demand high-quality content, VR/AR production is entering corporate-level engagements. Embrace the excitement by teaming up your Telycam Free-D-powered Explore SE with VR software like Brainstorm, Unreal Engine, and Vizrt, and prepare to be amazed.

AI Powered Auto-Tracking

auto tracking

Telycam Explore SE AI-powered auto-tracking harnesses the ultimate trifecta of technology: face detection, skeleton detection, and route tracking. This revolutionary tracking is equipped with a plethora of intelligent features, including target switch, allowing seamless transitions between multiple subjects. With the target lost timeout, bid farewell to interruptions as the camera automatically regains focus on the subject after brief distractions. 

The blackboard area feature ensures the smooth tracking of presenters in educational settings. Moreover, the camera’s initial position setting ensures the perfect starting point for tracking, while the tracking limitation feature lets you specify particular areas for tracking, optimizing performance, and avoiding unintended movements. Embrace the power of AI to deliver captivating content with this exceptional auto-tracking PTZ camera, perfect for conferences, lectures, live events, and more. Stay ahead of the game with Telycam’s innovation and elevate your video productions to astonishing new heights!

Audio Input, Focus Sensitivity

Regarding audio input, Telycam Explore SE is packed with an array of fantastic features that deserve a round of applause! This powerhouse supports both a 3.5mm line-in stereo and mini XLR balanced Mic jack, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your sound needs. But that’s not all – controlling focus is a must for any camera enthusiast, and with the Explore SE, users can fine-tune the focus sensitivity and focus area, delivering precision like never before. 

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MicroSD Card Slots for Storage and Firmware Upgrade

MicroSD Card

Explore SE supports two MicroSD card slots, one for local recording, another one for FW upgrade. With the recording function, users gain greater control over footage management, like confidently overseeing storage, capturing crucial moments, and ensuring immediate access to on-site video data without relying on external solutions. Additionally, another MicroSD card serves as a platform for firmware upgrades, allowing users to enhance the camera’s performance and access new features, all without the fuss of external connections or additional equipment.

In conclusion, Telycam Explore SE stands as the ultimate 4K60 NDI|HX PTZ camera, complemented by 12G-SDI, Genlock, FreeD, SFP+ and Auto-tracking, making it the ideal choice for any broadcast-level production. Despite its professional-grade status, its WebGUI boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, accommodating multiple languages including Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Korean. The new Explore SE was launched at IBC 2023 in September, and expected to be shipping in February, 2024.

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