PTZ Camera Manufacturers In The World

PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) cameras have mechanical components that enable them to move from side to side, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out of a scene. They are frequently used for live broadcasting videos directly to social media like Youtube with their 180- or more degree view.


With fierce competition in this industry,  finding proper PTZ manufacturers for your need may be a different task for you. But in today’s blog, we are going to show you some best PTZ camera manufacturers in the world.

Top 4 PTZ Camera Manufacturers In The World

1. Telycam

telycam logo

Type of Business:  Webcam & PTZ Camera Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): 6th Floor, Building A, Shuanghuan Information Technology Industrial Park, No.8, Baoqing Rd., Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

Year Founded: 2014

Products offered: Webcam, PTZ Cameras


PTZ cameras are produced in China by Telycam, a reputable and licensed Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera manufacturer. Outstanding features of the PTZ cameras include 4K ultra-high quality, exceptional color fidelity, and quick auto-focusing. In order to give the customers high-quality pictures and videos as well as lifetime technical assistance, TelyCam is committed to making the best PTZ cameras available for purchase.


PTZ camera factory Telycam is a well-known camera manufacturer that offers high-quality cameras for a range of webinar and video conference solutions, including PTZ cameras for live streaming, educational video streaming, telemedicine video conferencing, and corporate video solutions.


Products And Services Offered:


2. Sony

sony logo

Type of Business:  Webcam & PTZ Camera Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

Year Founded: 7 May 1946

Products offered: PTZ and Remote cameras, professional cameras, camcorders, security cameras, and web cameras.


Without the presence of an operator, Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras record and stream professional-quality video images. In the field of digital imaging, Sony is a giant. For more than 50 years, Sony has produced innumerable firsts in video production for TV broadcasters, filmmakers, and industry professionals. And now you’ll see Sony’s innovations in picture capture and processing in cameras for a wide range of uses, from educational institutions to places of worship to corporate communications.


Products And Services Offered:

  • BRC-X1000
  • BRC-H900
  • BRC-H800
  • SRG-X400
  • SRG-XP1

3. Canon

canon logo

Type of Business:  Webcam & PTZ Camera Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Ota City, Tokyo, Japan

Year Founded: 10 August 1937

Products offered: PTZ and Remote cameras, professional cameras, camcorders, security cameras, and web cameras.


Canon has experienced quick success in the remote PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) market, and to further solidify its position as a market leader, it has introduced a new Webcam Driver that will soon be available for download and adds more functionality and connectivity for its PTZ cameras. To facilitate smooth integration into broadcast and VR/AR workflows, two new protocols—the SRT Protocol and the FreeD Protocol—have also been added to the PTZ range.


Products And Services Offered:

  • CR-N500
  • CR-N300
  • CR-X300
  • Canon remote camera control application
  • PTZ Controller

4. Panasonic

Panasonic Logo

Type of Business:  Webcam & PTZ Camera Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Kadoma, Osaka, Japan

Year Founded: 7 March 1918

Products offered: PTZ and Remote cameras, professional cameras, camcorders, security cameras, and web cameras.


The Panasonic PTZ family of devices includes a number of lines to suit your needs and setup. Our Platinum range of cameras, which consists of the AW-UE100, AW-HE145, and AW-UE150, are outfitted with cutting-edge feature sets and the newest sensor technology for mission-critical applications that need the best possible image quality. 


The AW-UE40/AW-UE50 and AW-UE80, three of Premium models, are equipped with SRT, which is designed for streaming for corporate events, house of worship services, and lectures and auditoriums. Smaller areas, such as boardrooms, conference rooms, as well as classrooms, are ideal for streaming with our Zoom-certified Pro Series.


Products And Services Offered:

  • AW-UE100 
  • AW-HE145 
  • AW-UE150
  • AW-UE4
  • AW-HE20 
  • AW-UE20

Things To Consider Before Selecting A PTZ Camera from a Manufacturer

1. Resolution

When considering buying a PTZ camera, this is likely the first item on your mind. Since you don’t want pixelated or noticeably fuzzy images or videos, you need a camera with a reasonable quality even for basic security applications. To identify faces and things in a video, you must be able to see them clearly. 


High definition, or HD, is also rather commonplace today, as well as easily accessible and reasonably priced. For PTZ cameras, 1080p is the resolution that is most frequently chosen.

2. Auto Focus and Power Zoom

Modern PTZ camera systems include a powerful zoom feature that goes from 12x to 40x. As a result, even when the object is further away from the security camera, clear data can still be obtained. The camera can be placed out of sight and still take sharp pictures. 


The majority of PTZ cameras have an autofocus capability that, even in total darkness, automatically adjusts the camera’s IR lens and focuses entirely on the clarity of the obtained data. In low-light settings, this capability makes it easier to capture high-quality photos or video data.


PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras) allow for remote control of both zooming and direction (panning and tilting) (increasing and decreasing). Modern PTZ cameras may offer additional remote control capabilities in addition to the fundamental control features mentioned, such as focus control, lens washing and wiping, switching to preset locations, automatically following moving objects, and several more features. 

If you want the best quality PTZ cameras on the market then contact TelyCam.

List of PTZ Camera Manufacturers In The World

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