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Times, when letters and newspapers were the only sources that could convey events and other important political matters, are long gone. Now, people can watch their favorite sports, festival, and other events in the comfort of their homes in real time.

Unlike recorded events, everyone watches the programs at the same time. This is why most sports shows broadcast live matches for viewers’ excitement. Not only major sports events, but even influencers and content creators are starting to stream live videos.

Events typically employ a different kind of specialized camera that records high-quality live footage and sends it in real time. One of these cameras is referred to as NDI® PTZ Camera.

Here is a comprehensive guide on NDI®® PTZ Camera and where to find reliable and quality PTZ webcam to record and stream live events. 

What Is NDI® PTZ Camera?

Telycam NDI Camera for online courses

NDI® PTZ camera, a network protocol, allows sending real-time audio, video, and metadata signals over established networks. PTZ, which stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, refers to the various positions that the camera can be in. The Local Area Network (LAN) connection allows these devices to communicate with various software via the NDI®.

NDI® can transmit video up to 4K resolution with low latency. It is used in many professional AV integrations and some of the biggest broadcast environments around the globe. Lone PC users also utilize it for streaming video games or presentations.

Setup Instructions for an NDI® Camera

An NDI® camera may be set up in practically any situation with relative ease and simplicity. Simply put, an NDI® camera can be connected directly to a Local Area Network (LAN) and set up using the appropriate software on a computer or other device. When NDI® camera and computer are in the same network segment, an NDI® network will automatically detect an NDI® camera once connected.

The freshly plugged-in camera will be ready to use once a name has been given to it, at which point it will always be recognized when linked to the network. It appears as an accessible source on your network when you plug it in. The NDI® name assigned to the camera will thus appear in any hardware or program when you select the “add NDI® source” option.

How Does an NDI® Camera Work?

A Standard 1-Gbps ethernet connection, a network router with built-in Wi-Fi, and a network switch are necessary for an NDI® camera to function.

One should remember that numerous computers and devices can be linked to the same NDI® network segment if necessary. Still, they must be fast enough to manage the distribution of high-quality data over the network.

Additionally, the NDI®-related utilities can be added based on the user’s needs. So, if a user wants to connect just one device to the gadget or others, that decision is entirely up to them. These cameras’ PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) functionality uses NDI®’s two-way communication capabilities.

Thus, audio and video files can be transmitted using a single Ethernet cable.

Types of NDI® PTZ Protocol Versions

NDI PTZ camera
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Although NDI® PTZ cameras provide great video quality and functions for videographers, a new protocol version that was recently introduced offers even more improved features. As follows:


With latencies of just lower than 50 ms and an average bandwidth of 250 Mbps, NDI® PTZ allows for higher-quality video recording and faster transmission. Its operating paradigm has changed as a result of NDI®. As long as there is a local area network, video signals can be delivered. Whether the upstream and downstream are close to one another doesn’t matter; collaboration can still occur. 


A full NDI® camera is frequently utilized in live production solutions since its compression is almost visually lossless, requiring more bandwidth for IP streams. Full NDI® PTZ provides incredibly high video quality with very little delay. It does so at the expense of a somewhat increased bandwidth, which is still only a small portion of the headroom required for full NDI®.


NDI® HX camera uses 150Mbps with latencies ranging from 80 to 200 ms, depeNDI®ng on the hardware. The camera is used with HX for small and lower bandwidth applications. When network capacity is constrained, NDI®|HX is the best option since it uses H.264 or HEVC encoding and decoding to dramatically reduce bitrates while still providing high-quality streaming video at low data rates.


Full HD video formats up to 1080p 60 are instantly transmitted over the network to NDI®-compatible receiving devices via NDI®HX-PTZ2 cameras. A low bandwidth version (12Mbps) of NDI® called NDI® HX2 has the benefit of having less bandwidth usage. Video can frequently be wirelessly transferred via NDI® HX PTZ 2 in a low bandwidth environment, which is particularly popular in a number of industrial applications.


NDI® HX PTZ3 uses a tiny fraction of the bandwidth (80 Mbps) while delivering superior footage with decreased latency. Visually lossless video with extremely low latency (<100ms) is produced by NDI® HX PTZ 3. It is currently nearly impossible to tell the difference between it and NDI® High Bandwidth in terms of visual quality and latency.

Features Of NDI® PTZ Camera

Telycam NDI®HX PTZ Camera
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Because of their extensively used features that make recording more convenient and effective, NDI PTZ cameras are frequently employed by videographers. The characteristics that NDI PTZ cameras provide are listed below.

Broadcast Mode

Multiple locations can get the video from the camera even if there is no point-to-point connection. For instance, numerous sports stations receive real-time information and videos from the game venue.

HD Video Calibre And Image Resolution 

Using NDI cameras, it is possible to record videos with the greatest quality resolutions, like 4K or 1080p. They are equipped with progressive image processing solutions and latest video camera algorithms including Sony 1/2.8 inch sensor and robust lens. In addition, the image resolution goes up to 4Kp60.

Professional Audio XLR

Not only may high-quality films be captured with an NDI camera, but also clear, high-quality audio. The NDI camera comes with a built-in professional audio feature. 

Optical Zoom 

The NDI camera comes with a 12x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom lens along with a field of view of 80.5. Due to that, the camera can record the clear footage up to 15 metres. 

Output Interfaces

The NDI camera has several output interfaces including level A 3G-SDI, level B 3G-SDI, USB-C output, NDI |HX and HDMI2.0 output. 

Viewing Angle 

The NDI camera models are known for their vertical and horizontal viewing angles which makes it possible to capture a wide area. 

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Most NDI cameras also have PoE capabilities, which simplify cabling and do away with the requirement for a separate power supply connection.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)

The NDI PTZ camera ensures smooth and quick pan, tilt, and zoom movements due to their robust and flexible design. Videographers would be able to shoot footage at various angles and positions with NDI PTZ cameras, giving the viewer an immersive experience.

Remote Recording

The ability to record video remotely from any device utilizing NDI cameras is another useful feature of these devices.

Simple WebUI 

The NDI camera has a simple WebUI which allows the user to preview the video and supervise the camera smoothly. It is possible to open this in various browsers instantly without the need for any plug-in.

Plug-and-play Setting 

The Newtek’s NDI camera produces a plug-and-play setting for different live-streaming products and platforms. In addition, this makes it possible to create various and ample live content. 

Program and Preview Tally 

In the NDI camera, there is an indicator light that works as a tally. The tally notification from the NDI will let the user know whether the live is turned on or turned off. 

Numerous Languages 

The intuitive WebUI can support numerous languages including English, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. 

Application of NDI® PTZ Camera

Application NDI® PTZ Camera
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The NDI® PTZ Camera has many capabilities that make it simple to shoot films and stream them live without any network or quality issues. NDI® PTZ cameras are frequently used for the following because of their effectiveness:

Sporting and Event Production

Sports events are primarily broadcast live using NDI® PTZ cameras. Viewers can see their favorite stars in live action with unusual perspectives and stunning clarity.

Gaming Live Streaming

Live streaming gaming events, where players from all over the world participate in a game event and broadcast their play for their fans to watch, is now the biggest craze in gaming after sports. PTZ cameras and other NDI® devices are the ideal solutions for this. Streamers can intimately capture the emotions and intensity of the scenario for a heightened impression with options like 20x and 30x optical zoom. Popular YouTubers usually stream the videos live for views and likes.

Live Streaming in the Classroom

These cameras are useful for live streaming lectures because e-learning and distance learning are now common educational options. NDI® PTZ cameras are the top choice for people who want to record or live stream lectures and on-demand classes on a wide scale since they can live stream an event without any pauses or latency concerns. Nowadays, most courses are conducted online through live interactive sessions to interact and clear the doubts of the students.

Broadcast Television Studio 

For broadcast and live streaming television programs and events, NDI® PTZ cameras are the ideal option. These IP-enabled PTZ cameras are suitable for popular reality TV shows and other television broadcasts, particularly when outfitted with NDI® technology. Additionally, producers need not worry about latency issues because high-quality metadata can be sent smoothly across the NDI® network. News channels deliver the latest news through live programs. 

Enterprise Live Streaming

NDI® cameras are very beneficial for conducting client meetings and conferences. Executive sessions and video conferences are done correctly when streaming through 4k NDI® PTZ cameras. These cameras are a wonderful option for live business streaming due to their characteristics, including simple setup and operation, as well as the capacity to handle several cameras from a single network. Annual business meets are one such example of business live streams. 

Politics Live Streaming

PTZ cameras connected through NDI® enable excellent live meetings and legislative session streaming. Telecasting meetings are made simpler when there is no lag or decline in video quality. Multiple cameras placed strategically can capture every detail of a session’s activities. For instance, political leaders usually talk to the people during elections to promote their campaign on live streams.

Courtroom Video Recording

NDI® PTZ cameras broadcast court hearings so the general public can follow along. With the aid of these gadgets, courtroom trials and proceedings can be smoothly recorded. Court hearings are streamed live for others to witness the verdict.

Where Can I Get PTZ Camera With NDI®

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NDI® PTZ and PTZ cameras are entirely distinct characteristics of NDI®. Not all PTZ cameras have NDI® functionality, and not all NDI® cameras have PTZ functionality. Therefore, we can assist you if you’re looking for an NDI® PTZ live streaming camera made by a reputable and trustworthy supplier.

We at Telycam are a prominent PTZ camera supplier that provides videographers with spleNDI®d features that capture videos of top-notch quality and offer the viewers an immersive video experience.

We have a variety of cutting-edge technology integrated with NDI® cameras that will smoothly collect and broadcast the content in real time, whether for worship, education, or sports.

Suppose you are unsure of the sort of camera to select, get in touch with our experts. They will inform you of the many types and features and help you decide easily on a high-quality NDI® camera. We can be reached at telycam.com/contact.

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