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Integrated Audiovisual Solutions for Video Conferences

Video Conferencing is now the common way of team collaboration. Equipped with advanced ISP optimizing AF/ AE/ AW performance, Telycam’s USB cameras offers superior picture quality in terms of resolution, brightness, and color fidelity. With the maximal zoom of 35x, our cameras are suitable for different room sizes, ranging from huddle rooms to large halls.


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Plug and Play USB Cameras

Knowing what your target audience requires for their video conference cameras allows us to help you better serve the market. Telycam’s team also utilizes a strict QC system to ensure the performance of each camera surpasses your expectations throughout the manufacturing process.

Easy Operation

Simply plug in and the meeting starts

Remote Control

The pan-tilt zoom cooperating with the PTZ controller makes remote control easier

Smart Zoom

Our cameras’ smart zoom adjusts to the room size, which makes Telycam’s cameras the ideal choice for various environments

Rapid Auto-Focusing

Optimized AF functions rapidly captures every movement in a clear and precise manner

Integrated Audio-Visual Functions

All-in-one video cameras with sound bars offer integrated audiovisual solutions  

Video Conference Live Streaming

Professional Integrated Audio Visual USB Video Conference Cameras

Telycam is a certified manufacturer of PTZ cameras in China, including professional integrated audio-visual USB video conference cameras. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality USB video conference cameras that are unique, intuitive, and enrich lives. Our video conference cameras offer enhanced audio and video qualities and much greater versatility than other options on the market.

Fulfill Your Custom PTZ Video Conference Camera Needs in Telycam

Telycam is a PTZ camera manufacturer that produces diverse specs of video conferencing cameras. No matter the output, connectivity, aesthetics, lens zoom, mounting design, or resolution you want, we have you covered.

Video Outputs & Connection Interface

We are capable of manufacturing a wide range of video conference cameras that have different video outputs, PTZ camera wiring, and connection interfaces, like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, NDI, NDI HX, HDMI, and SDI.

Conference Camera Shape & Color

At Telycam, you can have your video conference camera customized to the shape and color you want.

Custom Lens Zoom

We have a long-standing relationship with the best suppliers of lenses. As a result, we manufacture video conference cameras with a fantastic lens that supports 2X to 15X zooming capabilities.

Flexible Mounting Options

You can configure the conference room anyhow you want with the flexible mounting options we provide, such as PTZ camera pole mount and wall mount camera bracket.


Our video conference cameras have different resolution options, such as 4K30, 1080P60, and 1080P30. With these, you would get the perfect view of videos.

Wholesale Various PTZ Video Conference Camera USB from Telycam

USB Conference Camera

It features a Panasonic sophisticated sensor and a 10X optical zoom lens, allowing it to produce crystal clear videos with realistic color. It can function in small and medium rooms, even in low light or environments that have a great contrast of brightness and darkness.

POE Conference Camera

It has advanced ISP processing algorithms that provide clear videos with a strong sense of depth, excellent resolution, and great color rendering. In this camera, data and power are channeled through a single cable.

USB 3 1080P Video Cameras

It is equipped with a 12X optical zoom lens and a Panasonic advanced sensor, allowing it to produce high-definition videos. Also, it’s easy to use and it moves smoothly without making a noise. It works well with any conferencing software.

HDMI PTZ Video Conference Camera

It comes with the most powerful image processing solution for producing crystal-clear videos. Also, it features a smooth PTZ mechanical construction that allows for precise pan, tilt, and zoom movement.

4K NDI Camera

It’s equipped with the American most advanced image processing solution, Sony 1/1.8-inch 12MP sensor, and 4K 30X lens, which guarantees premium video quality. Also, it has a PTZ mechanical design that allows for accurate pan, tilt, and zoom movement.

4K Conference Camera

It combines a high-quality camera, microphone, and speaker into an All-in-One unit. Its high-definition and 120-degree wide angles capture all the participants in the room in high definition and the audio algorithm enables each participant’s words to be heard.

Video Conference Camera with Microphone and Speaker

This camera is suitable for high-quality desktop video conferencing as it integrates a premium camera, microphone, and speaker. It also comes with a standard remote controller that enables more settings and control.

Webcam 2.0 Large Conference Room Camera

It is designed with an advanced image processing solution and sensor that provides realistic color and clear video. Also, it provides unrivaled speed and accuracy in focusing, as well as a built-in high-quality microphone that can pick up voices clearly.

Benefits and Features of Our Video Conferencing PTZ Camera

Our mission is to offer the best video conferencing PTZ camera to every individual and institution, which is why our cameras have outstanding features and provide extraordinary benefits.

4K Ultra HD

Our video conference cameras are composed of quality components that support the capturing of 4K videos. It allows users to see themselves clearly and provide them with an unbelievably lifelike meeting experience.

High Details 15X Zoom

Telycam’s PTZ video cameras are built with outstanding 15X zooming capabilities. This provides an unmatchable level of clarity to video conferencing and enables team members to collaborate efficiently.

Compatible with Various Devices

Our video conference cameras are compatible with other business and team devices and applications. Amongst the applications that you can use them with are Skype, BlueJeans, Lifesize Cloud, Fuze, Broadsoft, Vidyo, and Zoom.

Easy to Install and Use

Our video cameras come with USB, which provides plug-and-play connectivity, allowing for easy setup and use. All you have to do is to connect the conference room computer to the PTZ video conference camera.

Capture the Action in High-Def

Our cameras have great zooming and autofocus capabilities, which allows you to capture actions in high-definition. With these cameras, you will get clear and detailed visuals.

Operate Remotely

With the USB PTZ joystick, you can operate the camera from anywhere either in the conference room or from a remote location.

What Applications Can Our Video Conferencing PTZ Camera be used for

Telycam manufactures diverse kinds of video conference PTZ cameras, which makes the application cut across several sectors. Below are some of the institutions where our PTZ video conference cameras are applicable.

House of Worship

House of Worship

We provide cameras for church streaming as they are beginning to go virtual for the sake of people who couldn’t be present in the church building and for record purposes.

Education live streaming

Education live streaming

Our cameras enable education live streams as students get to connect to classes from a remote place. They also have the benefit of connecting with an external lecturer or institution for more knowledge.

Radio Broadcast

Radio Broadcast

With a broadcast PTZ camera comes the benefit of getting more viewpoints and angles for news, television, broadcasts and podcast. PTZ video conference camera pans, tilts, and zooms, enabling you to get distinctive viewpoints.

Telehealth camera

Telehealth camera

Telycam’s PTZ video conferencing cameras are used in telehealth video conferencing to discuss with other healthcare practitioners, and in some cases, to get a perfect view of a patient and give advice or treatment.

Sports & Esports Live

Sports & Esports Live

Our video cameras are available for sports and esports live streams of the whole action of a game and also to have meetings among officials.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Our cameras provide video conference solutions as team members collaborate more and share their views, which boosts the success of the business.

Politics Live Streaming

Politics Live Streaming

Journalists and newsmen make use of our PTZ cameras for live streaming national events and other matters that affect the country. Our cameras provide premium audio-visual solutions that the populace benefits from.

Enterprise Live Streaming

Enterprise Live Streaming

Our cameras offer enterprise video solutions as you get to hold meetings with your workers, suppliers, and customers from any part of the world. Also, you get to showcase your enterprise products and manufacturing processes.

Live Stream Trials

Live Stream Trials

With our video cameras, trial sessions can be live-streamed for people to see how justice is being administered. As a matter of fact, you can zoom-in on pieces of evidence for clearer images.

Why ChooseTelycam as Your PTZ Video Conference Camera
USB Manufacturer

Over the years, we’ve been manufacturing and supplying numerous sectors with professional and high-quality PTZ video conference cameras that are effective and efficient for their applications. The few points below showcase some of the reasons why you should make us your PTZ video conference camera USB manufacturer.

ISP Advanced Technology

This is the core component embedded in our cameras that stands us out as we are not restricted by US policy. With the ISP advanced technology inside the PTZ video conference cameras, you will get higher image quality, better color reproduction, higher definition, and multiple optical zoom.

High Performance

Telycam video cameras are built with top-notch components that make them perform highly beyond expectation. They provide high image quality and high stability, low latency, great exposure control and focal length range, as well as fast and accurate autofocus. And for this, we've earned certifications from CE, FCC, RoHS, CNUK, and UKCA.

Unique Design

All our video conference cameras have a unique design. We don’t copy other manufacturers’ initiatives, nor do we produce our cameras without putting your specifications first. Our cameras are manufactured to meet the needs of our customers’ various applications.

Easy Installation and Use

It’s pretty easy to set up and use Telycam’s PTZ video conference camera USB. All you have to do is to connect the camera to your conference room computer or laptop, and boom, you are all set.

Best Price

In our production, we take recognition of every class in the world, including the poor and the rich. Our cameras are manufactured to be compact, portable, discreet, and cheap for the easy affordability of everyone.

Quality Raw Materials

We only use quality raw materials and this shows by the high performance of our cameras. All of our materials are sourced from reputable chip material suppliers like Sony, Panasonic, Bypo-star, CECport, Blestech, Sunnyoptical, Jsdoptical, and Union Optech Co.,Ltd.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturing Environment

All our production (50 pieces MOQ) are done in-house in our certified factory, which has 3 floors with the first floor having an area of 2400 square meters.

Worry-free Custom Service

Asides providing customers with custom services, we also offer pre and after-sale services, and respond to customers' questions within 12 hours. In fact, on all products purchased, a 3-year warranty and a lifetime upgrade is guaranteed.

Successful Cases

See how our cameras can improve efficiency in real video conferences.

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