Top 5 Indian Webcam Manufacturers

As the evolution of the world continues, remote meetings and virtual conversations are highly supported. Through webcams, meetings and online appearances have become more seamless. People can speak with one another from any part of the world while hearing and seeing themselves clearly. They are used in numerous applications, such as virtual meetings, video conferences, classes, live-stream broadcasts, interviews, pharmaceuticals, court trials, etc.


Because of its varied uses, PTZ Camera manufacturers don’t just focus on producing live streaming PTZ cameras, rather they’ve joined the train of webcam manufacturers. However, as a result of the continual increase of webcam manufacturers, selecting the best amongst them has been a little bit difficult, especially in India. Not to worry, in this post, we will give you a list of the best webcam companies in India and highlight why they are the best.

Top Webcam Factory in China - Telycam

This list is collated by the best webcam brand in the world, Telycam.
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Source: telycam

Telycam is a reputable webcam & PTZ camera factory that manufactures unique PTZ cameras and webcams used for video conferencing and live streaming. To give the best audiovisual solutions to consumers, the company integrates its advantages of a robust supply chain, well-organized manufacturing system, excellent research and development, as well as expert services.


Products and Services

R&D PTZ camera

Various PTZ camerra

USB 2.0 4K Webcam

NDI HX3 PTZ camera

List of the Top 5 Webcam Brands in India

Below is a list of the 5 best webcam brands in India.

1. Zebronics

zebronics logo
Source: Zebronics

Type of Business: Webcam Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Chennai, India

Year Founded: 1997

This is one of the best webcam manufacturers in India as they provide unmatched solutions in the field of webcams, power solutions, mobile accessories, healthcare solutions, audio, IT, and gaming peripherals. Zebronics is popularly known for its EQR mantra, which stands for Excellence, Quality, and Reliability through its large range of webcam wholesale. They are focused on manufacturing products that have great designs and have undergone strict quality control, yet so compact, portable, and affordable.

Product feedback from customers and partners has always been a source of development at Zebronics. With these feedbacks, they return to customers with a fantastic product experience having some of the industry’s most innovative campaigns.  Also, they have an in-house Research & Development (R&D) team that keeps track of the latest technological and innovative breakthroughs in order to generate more market-ready products.

The ultimate goal of Zebronics is to provide customers with new solutions while also establishing the foundation of long-term growth and staying “Always Ahead.”

Products and Services

Smart cameras, including webcam

Audio products

Gaming products


Smart fitness watch

Personal grooming

Surveillance products

2. Quantum Hi-Tech

Quantum Hi Tech Logo
Source: Quantum Hi-Tech

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Delhi

Year Founded: 1992


Over the last two decades, the Indian information technology industry has continued to grow at a steady rate. Quantum Hi-Tech entered the market with a unique approach to merchandising that includes unequaled peripherals and a diverse range of consumer electronic products. They believe in providing easy access to technology and smart value products to every Indian. Whether you need a computer, cameras, webcams like USB webcam for conference room, or mobile accessories, they have a handful of them to help you get through your day.


Quantum brand is known for its convenience, which has been praised by clients since its debut in 1992. They communicate and share the optimism required to maintain high morale. Their teamwork and visionary insights is what has made them to be recognized as one of the top Indian webcam manufacturers.


Products and Services


Networking cable

Cooling pad


USB LAN adapter

Wifi Dongle

Headset and speaker


Case U Logo
Source: Case U

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Delhi

Year Founded: 2015


CASE U cannot be left out of a list containing the best webcam companies in India. The company has earned distinguished respect and recognition since its inception in 2015 as one of the top providers of premier Tech accessories. CASE U continues to thrive while preserving its basic values of being a quality provider. There are seven core beliefs that lead them on a daily basis and serve as a foundation. They include integrity, ownership, care for people, passion, continuous improvement, performance, and a sense of urgency.


CASE U is a customer-focused brand that provides quality products while adhering to the human-centered approach. The products are designed to meet customers’ needs and represent their lives. All their products are factory-made with the finest components.


Products and Services


Desk Pad


Laptop backpack

Graphics tablet

Sound protectors

4. Big Passport

Big Passport Logo
Source: Case U

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Delhi

Year Founded: Not Disclosed


Big Passport believes that technology should be simple and affordable to everyone, especially consumer electronics that curb location constraints. Rather than spending millions on advertising, they put more time into understanding customers’ needs and invest in research and development to reduce production costs.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, computers have become the center of business and personal lives, as employees work from home and students study online. Since then, Big Passport products, such as webcams with microphone and speaker have been called into action more than ever before. Their products are highly rated on several E-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.


Products and Services





Blogging accessories

Home security accessories

5. Rudraksh Sales

Rudraksh Sales Logo
Source: Rudraksh Sales

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Trader

Headquarters: Udaipur, Rajasthan

Year Founded: 2017


Rudraksh Sales is a company that supplies a qualitative range of products. They are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of webcams in India. The company only makes use of quality raw materials and has a team that double-checks the quality of the products after the manufacturing processes are complete.


All of their products are created while considering the evolving industry demands and affordability of the products. Since 2017 when they started all the clients who have worked with them have always given good remarks.


Products and Services

Computer webcam

CCTV camera

Digital video recorder


Mouse, keyboard, and printers


The search for the best manufacturer of webcams is and will always be challenging because there is a wide array of manufacturers on the market. However, to make this easier, the most reliable webcam and PTZ camera company Telycam, have collated a list of the best webcam companies in India. These companies are the most competent and reliable webcam manufacturers that are based in India.

List of the Top 5 Webcam Brands in India

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